5 Solid Reasons to Get Yourself a BlackVue Dash Cam

May 23th, 2018

With the BlackVue dash cam, a whole new standard has been established for in-car dash ​cameras. BlackVue has taken camera technology to a new level, with a Full-HD dash​ cam (1-channel and 2-channel) and the newest cloud technology - BlackVue Over the Cloud. Now you can connect with your vehicle at anytime and from anywhere.

The BlackVue Dash Cam

With numerous features and added affordability, dash cams are getting more and more popular every year. But consumers need to be careful - not all dash cams are created equal. And this is where BlackVue takes things to a new level – with a variety of tech features, accessories and extras. You’ll get cable clips, mounting tape, various cables, and a Micro SD card and reade

Tamper Proof and Secure

With the BlackVue dash cam, an optional tamper proof case is available, preventing access to the Micro SD slot. This feature also prevents any potential for unplugging cables. This could be quite valuable if you have recorded some activity that you can’t afford to lose, and there’s a danger of having the camera absconded. It’s just one more reason to opt for the BlackVue dash cam model.

BlackVue Front Camera

The front camera unit is the larger of the two cameras – it holds all of the critical hardware. On the back, the LED indicators show when the GPS function (and recording) is enabled. The left side of the camera has the power port, the activation button, and the SD card slot. The right side of the camera has a “proximity” sensor, as well as an additional LED indicator for Wi Fi connectivity.

BlackVue Cloud Service

Maintaining a leading technology edge, BlackVue has a proprietary “cloud service”, known as BlackVue Over the Cloud. This technology allows you a live camera view from your phone, and also facilitates push notifications. As an added benefit, BlackVue provides FREE cloud storage in the event that you run out of SD memory. It also allows for quick transfer of video recordings.

Camera/App Contact

One of the very impressive features with BlackVue is the two-way communication (voice) between your mobile device and the dash camera. This is achieved with the BlackVue App and the integrated speaker and microphone system. Additionally, this technology could also function as an alternative for placing phone calls between the vehicle driver and someone at home base.

BlackVue Rear Camera

While the front camera records 1080p video (60fps) the back camera offers the same resolution but at half the fps. BlackVue offers images that are clear and vivid, and with the right saturation. Noisier video images do not suffer from fragmentation and the camera handles bumps in the road quite well. Videos are smooth and audio is processed cleanly through the built in microphone.

Get your BlackVue dash cam at Car Systems Installation

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