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Car Systems Installation Toronto: We Offer Dash Camera Installation & More

Top Product Installations Include Blackvue Dash Cam & Auto Remote Starter

Car Systems Installation is Canada’s leading auto electronic installation company.
Since 1999, we’ve been providing top quality service. We are always up-to date with the automotive industry products, and we offer the latest electronic upgrades for your vehicle. Our industry knowledge and in-stock product availability is unmatched. Our prices are also very competitive.
At Car Systems Installation, it is all about our customers. Come feel at home in our cozy, spacious waiting room and be treated to professional customer care. Our waiting room is equipped with free Wi-Fi connection, free coffee, 50 LCD TV and vending machines.

With Dash Cams, a Professional Install is a Better Install

At Car Systems Installation, we recommend professional installation over DIY installation with every dash camera system. In fact, we do everything under one roof – we position your camera for optimum viewing – we do all of the internal wiring work – and we do a final operational test after installation.

Our in-house installers have the product expertise and installation experience to do it right. Yes – dash cam kits and DIY installation can save some money, but why not do it right from the start? Indeed, some manufacturers will actually warn consumers NOT to self-install – the risk (and danger) is not worth it. At CSI, we customize your installation. We position the camera according to your needs. We make sure there are no sight obstructions. And we run power cables and wiring based on the manufacturer specs. More importantly, we don’t take any installation shortcuts and every camera installation is guaranteed.

At Car Systems Installation, we Offer a Wide Range of Dash Cams

If you’re shopping around for the best dash cameras on the market, we can help you to choose the features and accessories that best meet your needs. We have the experience and expertise to do it all!


This is a dual-camera system with front and rear cameras and SONY image sensors. Image quality is excellent in any light. When your vehicle is parked, BlackVue automatically switches to Parking Mode to monitor your vehicle. This system comes with a number of great features, providing great value.

  • incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity
  • APP connects to smart devices
  • built in GPS for added features


A very affordable option, this system features real-time image processing to provide brighter images than other cameras. Video files can be reduced in memory size to allow video recording to continue longer. The high definition resolution is ensured day and night, along with a 140° wide-angle lens.

  • night picture quality correction
  • brightness and colour controls
  • with internal back-up memory


This system saves & records your video automatically (front and rear). The battery does not rely on the car battery. The front video offers 130° angle – the rear video offers 120° angle. Recorded video data allows you to access valuable information in the event of an accident or any vandalism.

  • play back through iOS/Android
  • firmware can be downloaded
  • wide field of video recording

Dash Cams can Provide you With Everything from Safety to Security

Whether your focus is highway safety or accident security, a good dash camera can make a valuable contribution to your driving experience. You can record practically everything as it happens. You can protect yourself while driving, and even while parking. Dash cameras are much more than cool toys.

Dash cams can provide valuable accident evidence for police or insurance companies. Even better, you can prevent insurance fraud if something random happens in a parking lot. Although your insurance company may not offer any discounts as a dash-camera owner, video footage is considered valuable.

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