Vehicle Fit T-Harness

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ADS-THR-CH10 select Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep models ‘T’-harness factory fit

$49.00 69.00

ADS-THR-CH10   Factory fit installation &lsqu ...

ADS-THR-FM8 select Ford/Lincoln models ‘T’-harness from 2013 and up

$49.00 69.00

ADS-THR-FM8 Factory fit installation ‘T’-harn ...

ADS-THR-GM2 select GM ‘SWC’ models 2004 to 2012 ‘T’-harness factory fit

$49.00 69.00

ADS-THR-GM2 Factory fit ‘T’-harness for selec ...

ADS-THR-HA6 select Honda/Acura PTS models 2013 and up ‘T’-harness factory fit

$69.00 89.00

ADS-THR-HA6 Factory fit ‘T’-harness for selec ...

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