Aftermarket Power Locks and Window Installation for Truck

May 13th, 2022

We recently had a customer come to us with a project for their truck. This customer was looking to have some aftermarket power locks and power windows installed in their truck. We were able to install these products quickly and reliably! The customer was extremely happy with the outcome of this project! 

Some people purchase vehicles for work or such that come naked - no power locks or windows, just a base model. To upgrade to these features through a dealership you would end up paying much more for a bigger bundle to the truck. This is why we offer aftermarket products that can be easily and safely installed for a much more affordable price! To install the power windows, we simply remove the panels on the vehicle, install the motor for the power window and switches, and connect the power to the dash!

Sometimes people will purchase a base model car with simple features, meaning they might not include things such as power locks. To purchase these upgraded features from the dealer, you would have to purchase a much bigger bundle with other features you may have no use for such as CarPlay or Android Auto, for a much higher price. Instead, you can simply purchase aftermarket power locks and have them installed! We complete the same process as above for the power locks as well, so people are able to lock and unlock their vehicles remotely. 

Take a look at the photos from this completed project below!

Our technicians are certified to install any upgrades on your truck.

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