Jeep Grand Cherokee Anti Theft System Installation

July 11th, 2022

In this video, we will show you the benefits of an IGLA anti-theft system in a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 2020. Many types of these vehicles are being stolen recently, so an anti-theft system can prevent this from occurring. This vehicle operates with a push-start button - but how can a push-button vehicle be stolen? Push-to-start button vehicle theft can occur by people boosting the key or copying the key. Due to the increased rate of vehicle theft, IGLA anti-theft systems are definitely a worthwhile investment when it comes to Jeep Grand Cherokee theft prevention. A kill switch is another popular term for this type of antitheft system. A kill switch for cars prevents the car from getting power.

How Does The Anti-Theft System Work?

✔  The anti-theft system we installed in this vehicle works by preventing the vehicle to be driven without entering a combination of buttons. The vehicle will not start unless the correct combination is input. 
✔ Once the correct code has been completed, a confirmation will appear on your dash, and you will be able to start the vehicle. 

Can This Anti-Theft System Work With a Remote Starter?

✔ If you have a remote starter, as does this customer, you can still use the anti-theft system. 
✔ When the vehicle has already been started using the remote, you can enter the vehicle and try to drive away, however, the gear shifter will not move. In order to shift the car into gear and drive away, the correct code must be completed and confirmed. 

You are welcome to watch the video for more details. Feel free to contact us for more information on anti-theft systems! 

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