Best Auto Upgrades for Safety of Your Car On The Road

February 22th, 2021

The early spring of Canada is still snowy and chilly, leaving a complicated road situation for vehicle owners. While It is inevitable that you need to drive during the inclement weather, it’s helpful that your vehicles can make everything easier for you. Investing in upgrading the electronics in your car will not only improve your driving experience, but also reduce risks and provide better protection for your safety. Let’s take a look at the best upgrades you can get for your car. 

Backup Cameras

While more and more new cars are equipped with backup cameras, it is still common to find that many vehicles don’t have the important feature. It is true that experienced drivers might not need a backup camera to park in the right position, but having it installed in your car will make your life much easier and safer. It is not only used in the parking lot, it can also help you to squeeze in a street parking space without blocking the traffic.

More importantly, no matter how experienced or cautious you are, you still have blind spots when reversing your car. With enhanced visibility provided by a backup camera, you will be able to spot anyone who passes behind your car, avoiding possible accidents.


The sensors are designed to provide alerts when noticing obstacles in a short distance. There are different types of sensors you can install on your vehicle. For example, parking sensors, front sensors and blind spot detection.

Similar to backup cameras, parking sensors can alert you when you are reversing towards an obstacle, road curb or wall. Sometimes, the parking sensor will be combined with a backup camera to provide complete assistance. It can increase your parking efficiency especially when you live in a busy city like Toronto.

Front sensors and blind spot detection are used to monitor your blind spot when you are driving. For example, when you need to change lanes on the highway, you will have to turn your body carefully to check the proximity lane to avoid crashing into another vehicle. The process can be dangerous. With blind spot detection, you can easily tell if changing lanes at this moment is safe or not without moving your body drastically.

Dash Cams 

A dash cam or dashboard camera records 24/7 footage for your car. It is considered a must-have for professional drivers or ride-share drivers. It provides you with important information and evidence if any unfortunate event happens. Moreover, some road trip lovers will also use a dash cam to record the precious moments along the road.

The most popular dash cams like GNET G-ON will enable you to access your footages on your smart phone anytime you need. It is important because you can’t carry your laptop everyday on your vehicle. If anything happens, you need to be able to see live footage immediately.


The Mobileye-powered Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are camera sensors that constantly scan the road and stream footage to Mobileye’s custom-built processor, the EyeQ. The EyeQ analyzes the road condition to provide driving assistance and collision avoidance. For example, the Mobileye 630 collision avoidance system helps drivers by constantly monitoring the road in front of the vehicle. It identifies potentially dangerous situations, and provides audio and visual alerts to assist the driver in preventing or mitigating a collision.The Mobileye company is also famous for developing self-driving vehicles, so you might find a lot of convenience when using its ADAS system.

Investing in safe driving is always recommended as a small accident can severely affect our normal life. If you are overwhelmed by the vast options of auto upgrades you might find on the market, you can talk to the experts at Car Systems Installation.

We have years of experience working with different car brands, models and electronics, and our specialist will help you find the most appropriate auto upgrades and perform professional installations for your vehicle. Give us a call at (416) 901-5812 and book your appointment today!

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