Best Car Upgrades to Improve Your Driving

March 29th, 2021

With the development of technology, we have enjoyed a myriad of benefits for driving a car. However, people can easily make mistakes when there is limited response time in driving. So the best we can do is to drive carefully and add some safety upgrades to our vehicle. Here are some of the improvements you can consider. 

Dashboard Cameras

It is well known that dashboard cameras can record videos to help drivers improve their driving performance, provide reliable evidence for car accidents as well as prevent frauds. However, there are many other benefits that people have not paid attention to. Let’s take GENT G-ON dash cam for example. 

-Access videos by cell phone

Did you know that you will not need to carry a laptop every time you need to access the recorded videos? GNET G-ON dash cam has the longest Wifi range compared with other brands. The best thing is that you can easily access the camera on a G-NET app which has the best Graphic User Interface and improved user convenience. The cloud option could also be enabled with the hotspot. 

-Reliable Warning System

Advanced dash cams like GNET G-ON will provide drivers with speech alerts with the driving assistance system. Specifically, you can benefit from the Front Vehicle Start Alarm, Forward Collision Warning System and Lane Departure Warning System. Simply put, when you have a dangerous distance toward your front vehicle or drive away from the lane, you will receive alarms from the dash cam, which avoid possible collisions or accidents. 

-PC exclusive viewer program

If you prefer to check your videos on the PC, you will be impressed by how much information it can offer you. You can monitor the driver behaviour and check road conditions in real-time and view the driving analysis report on one sheet. It might be useful for parents who want to check the kid’s driving details. 


Blind spot detection

Many car accidents happen when people want to change lanes. Especially when people are driving on the highway, they might not be able to see clearly if there is another vehicle coming from the blind spot. That being said, a good blind spot detection system will provide great protection for drivers by sending out immediate alerts. Even the most experienced drivers can’t guarantee that he is able to  check the blind spot accurately every time. Not to mention that it can improve the efficiency of changing lanes to enhance the driving experience. 



The Mobileye collision avoidance system helps drivers by acting as a “third eye”, constantly scanning, monitoring and analyzing the road condition in front of the vehicle. It identifies potential dangers, and provides audio and visual alerts to assist the driver when it is needed. 

The high-definition sensor watches and recognizes objects on the road, such as other vehicles, bicyclists or pedestrians..By utilizing the sophisticated algorithms, the collision avoidance system will observe the road condition, interpret the potential dangers, and alert the driver to avoid harmful collisions. 

Driving safely and comfortably should be a perpetual goal for everyone. Investing in an essential upgrade will bring you and your family convenience and peace of mind. 


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