What is the Best Dash Cam in Canada for 2019?

February 19th, 2019

What are your goals for 2019? A common goal for those that are ‘all about’ protecting their automobile is to know what the best dash cam in Canada is for 2019. Now is the perfect time to buy one, so why not learn which ones are the best? At CSI, we are experts in all things dash cams and this blog will reveal the best one to invest in for this year. Firstly, let's talk about what was the best dash cam in Canada in 2018. The winner was the BLACKVUE (DR750S-2CH). This model won due to its front and rear camera feature, HD image sensors, built in WI-FI and GPS, and its improved design and performance. Moving into 2019, let's take a look at what we think the best dash cam of 2019 will be!

What’s the point of buying the best dash cam in Canada?

When researching the best dash cam in Canada, it's good to know what the point of a dash cam is. A dashboard camera, AKA a dash cam, carefully records the details that take place out on the road, as well as inside your automobile. Here are just a few of the reasons a dash cam is a valuable asset to have for your car:

Documents Evidence of a Car Accident

This is definitely the most popular reason as to why people purchase a dash cam. The camera will begin recording as soon as you start your car. It will deliver efficient, real time proof if you are in an accident.

Prevent Fraud

Unfortunately one of the most common practices in automobile collisions is insurance fraud. People will claim that it was the other person’s fault or that they are badly hurt. With a dash cam, fraud is never a worry. It will record all of the collision details and you will have proof that it was not your fault.

Prevent Parking Accidents + Vandalism

Have you ever come back to your car from a trip to the grocery store and noticed a big scratch on your door that wasn’t there 20 minutes ago? Investing in a dash cam can prevent any secret parking fender benders. It can also ensure that you catch those responsible for destroying your car. All you have to do is show the police your recorded dash cam footage, and let them successfully catch the offender.

List of Notable Dash Cams

Thinkware F800 Pro

This dash cam fits like it belongs in your car; no matter what car you drive. Its unique design enables it to fit nicely alongside your windscreen. It has an integrated GPS, and it is hard wired to your car’s battery. As soon as your car starts, your dash cam will begin to record!

BlackVue DR750S

This dash cam offers the best in ‘cloud connectivity’. You are able to watch live feed on your device. It has GPS integration, overheat protection, secured parking mode, and cloud alerts. It is great for the everyday driver, as well as business owners. They can use this particular dash cam to manage their vehicle fleet, track locations, and communicate ‘in real time’ with their drivers, through its integrated microphone and speaker.

Garmin Dash Cam 55

This model is an easily operated and well designed. It can be controlled by your voice! Despite its smaller size, it has plenty of interesting features. It has a built in GPS and is equipped with smartphone integration. It also offers forward collision and speed camera warnings. It performs well both in sunlight and at night. The best part is that it comes with a small 3M-magnet mount making placement and removal of the dash cam quite easy.

Thinkware X550

This dash cam has both a front and rear camera feature in full HD mode. It offers a super night vision and time-lapse feature. It has a built in GPS and an internal back up memory. In addition, it has a wide dynamic range function, which will get rid of bright spots on the recordings and always offer a clear camera image.

Thinkware TW-F770

Designed to be mounted just beneath the rear view mirror, the TW-F770 can be linked to any smartphone with its on-board WIFI feature. It also offers a super night vision piece, which increases low-light settings for great quality at night. It has a time-lapse feature too, for when your car is parked.

SmartWitness CP2 Fleet

This is a specific ‘ride share’ dash cam, with real time image and video transfer, and a GPS tracking system. When looking for the best dash cam in Canada, it’s important to research all models and types, even ones that are designed for ride sharing cars. It records vehicle location, the drivers’ view of the road, and the impact force of an accident. All of this recorded evidence can protect the driver from insurance fraud, planned accidents, untrue whiplash claims, and contradictory reports of accurate events.

What’s the best one according to our experts?

According to our experts, the best dash cam in Canada for 2019 is the BlackVue DR900S-1CH. This particular model offers a compact and slim design. It has 4K video recording and a wider lens than most of its competitors. It also has an integrated GPS and a parking mode feature. There is a cloud base package where you can view your footage remotely. You will also get a notification to your phone if your camera senses a collision.

Why Choose CSI?

When looking to invest in the best dash cam in Canada for 2019, look no further than to CSI. We are experts in ALL THINGS dash cams. We are always here if you need more help in finding the right dash cam for your specific driving needs.  We have first hand industry experience in product knowledge. While you wait for our professional in house dash cam installers to install your new dash cam, we offer a cozy waiting room, free WIFI and coffee to make your experience even more enjoyable.  For more dash cam information, call us at 416.901.5812 or visit our product at https://www.carsystemsintallation.ca.

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