Best Dash Cams and Remote Starters You Can Control Over Smartphone

February 01th, 2021

Today, you can pretty much do everything with your smartphone: shop for groceries, find your way through unknown areas, learn new skills and start your car or access dash cam footage. But how much can you exactly control and see over your smartphone when it comes to your vehicle? In this article, we will show you just how much your smartphone can help you with your vehicle.


Smartphone As A Remote Starter For Your Vehicle:

Modern day remote starters offer the ability to effectively start your vehicle; but that’s not all they can do. For example, the MyStart Smartphone App allows you to start, turn off, open and lock your car, along with a myriad of other options. Compatible remote starter models can be fully controlled with your smartphone. You can get full control over your vehicle through your smartphone and start your day right in a comfortable car that is fully ready to go wherever you want.

With smartphone control apps, you can connect your smart watch, desktop, tablet, or other devices, and they come with so many benefits:

  • The hardware detects security concerns and sends you notifications instantly.
  • You can find your device wherever it is via GPS features.
  • Some are even so advanced that they can check engine codes and alert you whenever your car needs maintenance. The Drone mobile smart phone control also comes with features that are geared towards teen drivers, through which you can easily monitor novice driver’s speed, using the installed app.


Dashboard Cameras

From accessing 24/7 video footage while your car is moving or when it’s parked to getting security alerts and notifications, dash cams have proven to be an essential tool for safe and comfortable driving. Dashboard cameras, as the name suggests, are mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard and they record your vehicle’s surroundings 24/7. Advanced models that are installed by experts will not only provide you with amazing recording capabilities with super sharp image quality, but they also allow you to access the stored videos whenever you need them:


GNET G-ON Dash Cam

The GNET G-ON dash cam is one of the best performing dashboard cameras available on the canadian market. Not only does it come with premium features that are a must have for a dash cam, but they also provide the absolute best user experience. This dashboard camera has the longest WiFi range compared to other brands and it can be easily accessed via the G-NET app which offers improved user experience and upgraded Graphic User Interface. Some of the advantages of this superior dash camera are:

  • Widest Viewing Angle Front: 160 degrees in the front and 150 degrees in the rear.
  • Speech alerts instead of beeps: The camera notifies you of anything unusual while driving via speech alerts so you know exactly what the issue is.
  • Sleek Design: Other models are dangling from cylinder mounted brackets while the G-ON dash cam is directly mounted flat on the windshield.
  • Low Battery Intelligent Safeguard: This intelligent feature cuts off the power when the voltage falls below a certain level in order to prevent battery drainage.
  • Benefits every vehicle:The wide viewing angle provides many benefits not only for cars, but also for trucks:

With the GNET G-ON dash cam, you can easily add more protection to your driving in an user-friendly way, and there are so many more benefits for you to explore.



Another amazing dashboard camera is the GNET GK True 4K dash cam which offers numerous benefits with live streaming, dashcam + hotspot, syncloud application interface, live GPS tracking and more! The camera also features safe driving assistance or ADAS, which can also be found in the GNET G-ON dashcam:

  • Front Vehicle Start Alarm - Warns you when the distance to the vehicle in front of your car stops by more than 2 meters.
  • Forward Collision Warning System - Warns you when the distance between the vehicle in front is short and the vehicle speed is high and in front is rapidly reduced within a short time.
  • Lane Departure Warning System - Warns you if you leave your lane while driving.

There are many driving assistance products today that you can control via your smartphone, but the main thing to remember is to choose a good high-quality dashboard camera or remote starters because that will ensure your own safety and the safety of your passengers no matter if you’re on the road or if your vehicle is parked.

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