Here Are The Best Vehicle Dash Cameras On The Market 

April 13th, 2018

If you’re looking for the best dash cam model on the market, we can help you choose something with suitable features and with good dollar value. And if you’re confused with all of the features and accessories, we’ll help you to sort out what’s important and what’s best for your needs.

At Car Systems Installation, we have the product knowledge and installation expertise to do it all under one roof. We’re a full-service shop, with a substantial inventory of car electronics, and with experts who will install everything from dash cams, to GPS systems, to multi-media systems.

CSI will help you to choose the best dash cam model for your needs. We’ll point out the different brands and features; the various aspects of image quality; the extras like GPS functionality; and the importance of sensors (to detect unexpected forces, while logging the severity of impacts).


This dual-camera system features front and rear cameras with high-end SONY image sensors. The image quality is superb in any light environment, capturing important details when driving or parked. When parked, BlackVue switches to Parking Mode (automatically) and monitors your vehicle. Only when something extraordinary happens will the system record. With a host of great features, this is great value. BLACKVUE DR750S-2CH is on sale at Car Systems Installation.

  • system incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity
  • no need for a freestanding visual screen
  • the BlackVue APP connects smart phone
  • built in GPS add location and speed data


Sony image sensors (full HD) provide superb image quality under any light conditions. There’s no need for a screen because with the BlackVue APP, you can connect your smart device right to your dash-cam. Featuring exceptional video clarity (even in low light) this dash-cam will record critical visual details whether driving or parked. Videos files are easy to find in the BlackVue Viewer (Windows and Mac). BLACKVUE DR750S-1CH is on sale at Car Systems Installation.

  • incorporating Wi-Fi and Cloud connectivity
  • fluid videos recorded at a wide 139° angle
  • includes built-in impact/motion detection
  • BlackVue APP and Viewer free to download


For those looking for a more affordable option, this could be the best dash cam model. Featuring SUPER NIGHT VISION, real-time image processing provides much brighter images than previous models. With TIME LAPSE MODE video files are effectively reduced in memory size (allows video recording to continue far long longer in parking mode). HD resolution (day and night) is ensured with a 140° wide-angle lens. THINKWARE X550 system is on sale at Car Systems Installation.

  • minimizes any blind spots for full recording
  • features night time picture quality correction
  • standard function brightness/color control
  • system comes with internal back-up memory


This system records and saves both front and rear video automatically (driving or parked). The LGD521 is installed near the rear view mirror or dashboard. The built-in battery management system prevents the car battery from being discharged. Front video features 130° angle while the rear video features 120° angle. Video omission is prevented in the event of abnormal system shut off. Recorded video information allows the driver to access valuable info (accident or vandalism).

  • live view and play back through iOS/Android
  • firmware can be downloaded through the APP
  • very wide field of vision while video recording
  • LED indicator light clearly signifies GPS status

Choosing the best dash cam model at Car Systems Installation

With the team at Car Systems Installation, you can be sure of getting the very best dash cam model on the market. Our in-house technicians will professionally install your system while you wait. Find out more by visiting our website at or call one of our team members at 416.901.5812


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