Buying Tips When Purchasing a Remote Starter For Your Car

October 25th, 2016

Shopping around for a remote car starter shouldn’t be just about finding the cheapest price point. And there’s nothing wrong with asking questions to address priorities and satisfy doubts. This is not a minor expenditure, so questions are key – like how much experience do the installers have; and how thorough is the installation going to be; and what type of product warranty is available.
A reputable installation shop will readily answer questions – and properly. And while the better shops might be a little more costly, the benefits of quality products and workmanship do pay off.

Product Warranties are Important

Better quality companies will warranty the “brain” of the remote car starter for as long as the car is owned. “Control” mechanisms should be warrantied for at least one year, and even two. Some companies actually offer a replacement plan for a low fee, in the event of something unforeseen.

An Emergency Shutoff Mechanism

It’s an added feature, but an emergency “shutoff” mechanism under the hood ensures safety. This “shutoff” is specifically designed to prevent any remote car starting while the front hood is open. Needless to say, it’s better to be safe than sorry, particularly if someone is working on the engine.

Engine Speed (RPM) Monitoring

A top quality remote car starter will have a sensor system to monitor the engine’s RPM. Sensors alert the car starter if the vehicle hasn’t started (like on a freezing winter day). Sensors also alert the car starter in the event that the engine is revving much too high, or for that matter too low.

Significant Transmitter Range

By any measure, a good remote starter should do it all from a distance – that would be starting, stopping, locking, and unlocking.  It’s very advantageous to purchase a car starter with significant transmitter range – this is because, quite often, the vehicle won’t be parked in close proximity.

Manufacturer Specialization

Consumers would be wise to stay away from no-name manufacturers. A good remote car starter is one that’s manufactured by a company that specializes. And like any product purchase, it’s vital to have product support just in case. Reputable manufacturers will usually deliver quality.

The Do-it-Yourself Approach

The DIY approach to car starter installation is fraught with difficulty. Today, cars and starters are highly sophisticated. An expert should be the one to install a car starter. In addition, few credible shops will install a remote car starter that was purchased elsewhere, let alone guarantee it.

Get More Than Just a Starter

A good salesperson will point out a remote starter with added features, all depending on budget. Some features are genuinely convenient – some are just cool. And while not everything is doable, keyless entry, rear defrosts, and heated seats might be able to be integrated quite easily.

Doing it Right the First Time

When it comes to remote car starters, there is merit to shopping around, doing some homework, and then choosing a reliable, reputable dealer. This is the right time to focus on a quality product and quality installation work. Cutting corners to save some money is not long term thinking.

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