For Car Audio Installations in Toronto Trust the Professionals

October 17th, 2017

For car audio installations in Toronto, Car Systems Installation can install a wide range of audio components separately or as a complete integrated system. While the DIY option might be tempting (and somewhat of a money saver), it’s much better to work with audio professionals. At CSI, in-house technicians know their audio products and are experienced with installations that can sometimes be complex. Beyond that, CSI can offer valuable technical advice on combining various components (audio and video), and even planning out future component installations.

When it comes to car audio installations in Toronto, the CSI team can recommend a component system that will suit the need, while providing optimum performance for the price point. Product inventory is huge, with the top brand names in the industry. Best of all, Car Systems Installation offers top quality workmanship, and a technician team that goes above and beyond the industry norm. From Apple CarPlay, to Android Auto, to Bluetooth® technology, most every vehicle owner can customize their audio component installation to match a favoured technology application.

Bluetooth® Mobile

When deciding on car audio installations in Toronto, Bluetooth® connectivity is a must. The main benefit, of course, is the “hands free” operation. And with voice recognition, drivers can do it all safely and securely. With some special features (Android App), software can be easily upgraded.

The iPod Interface

For the Apple generation, an iPod® interface will allow for connection and control even with an existing factory-equipped radio system. The iPod® interface streams high quality music through the vehicle’s speaker system, and further allows music to be streamed directly from the Internet.

mObridge M2 Media Aux and USB Interface

The mObridge M2 media package is the latest in iPod and USB technology. It’s compatible with Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Porsche, and supports MP3 playback and iPod lightning jack. The mObridge M2 system also makes it possible to run USB memory sticks and iPod simultaneously.

After-Market Car Radio/Audio Components

Installing after-market radio/audio components is best left to the professionals. And although the DIY option might seem to be a money-saver, it’s really better to work with audio technicians who know the products and have the required expertise to install components that could get complex.

In-Car Video and DVD Multimedia Components

Today, when installing in-car multimedia, there should be at least one Video/DVD component included. The good news is that there are many options – from headrest screens, to flip-down screens, and even portable screens. High quality LCD screens make for amazing entertainment.

Putting everything together at Car Systems Installation

Today, car audio components have become part of a whole “multimedia” system. In short, there’s really no such thing as a conventional car radio any more. With high-tech components everything will sound better, whether it’s classical music, hard rock, or an audio book. What’s important is to have everything installed professionally – the products will be warrantied and quality assured.

Vehicle owners shopping for car audio installations in Toronto can rely on the professionals at Car Systems Installation from start to finish. To learn more, contact CSI directly at 416-901-5812 or visit the company’s website at .

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