Choosing a Backup Camera System For Your Vehicle

July 25th, 2019

Back-up cameras for your vehicle: why you need one

Operating a motor vehicle is a big responsibility. You need to be aware of pedestrians, other cars, and objects that are stationary, as well as moving objects. To help with your 360-degree vision, a back-up camera is a must to assist you with the blind spot that is the back of your car. Since 2012, more than half of all vehicles produced had a rearview camera as part of their standard equipment. Last year, Transport Canada issued regulations governing rearview camera systems and they mandated that all new vehicles produced were to have the equipment installed as standard equipment on light trucks, cars, and buses. One of the many reasons for the upgrade is safety for kids, older folks, and the disabled who were victims of accidents that involved back-up mishaps. And in some cases, the mishaps resulted in deaths.

If you don’t have a back-up camera system in your vehicle, an aftermarket back-up camera can be added to your vehicle and the best place to get a backup camera system is from Car Systems Installation. A proactive approach to automotive safety is a prudent decision to make, and you can buy the best back-up camera on the market from Car Systems Installation and it will provide you with confidence knowing that everything behind you will be visible.


Do back-up cameras work well?

Providing a visual of the rear end of your car is just the start of the benefits that a back-up camera offers. Let’s face it, not everyone that drives can back-up as well as they drive in forward motion. What the back-up camera provides is a visual aid for those who don’t drive well in reverse and it will improve their ability to park their vehicle. We have all been stuck behind somebody who has to take four or five tries to parallel-park their vehicle; with a back-up camera to assist their attempts to park, it turns into an easy task. Driving in traffic, on a busy city street or the highway is no joy, and bumper-to-bumper traffic is a highly stressful situation for even the most experienced driver. When you have a back-up camera, it is your secret weapon that will combat the difficulties that traffic will cause when you need to reverse your car.

Another advantage that a back-up camera provides for the driver is the great assistance it provides when you are trying to park your vehicle in a tight parking spot.  Fender benders in parking lots become a thing of the past when you have a back-up camera system – let's think of the mall at Christmas time – high stress and people on edge create accidents. Not so, when your back-up camera system is installed and is operational. For a pick-up truck owner, a handle camera on the tailgate of the truck provides extra protection for truck owners in tight spaces, and on construction sites. Reversing a full-sized pick-up means you need the vision to identify obstacles to avoid – when you hit obstacles it causes damage and insurance claims. The back-up camera will reduce the risks and hazards you face when driving – keeping your insurance rates under control.


Can I install an aftermarket back-up camera system?

Car Systems Installation can accommodate any vehicle's need when a consumer comes to our shop to upgrade their ride. We carry many different systems that are compatible with all makes and models of transportation. If your vehicle doesn’t have a monitor, we install a camera and monitor as your vehicle’s upgrade. For vehicles without a monitor, a rearview mirror replacement can be the host for the monitor. If you have a newer vehicle that has a monitor built-in, the installation of a license plate or tailgate clip-on camera is the best way to update your vehicle. It is a simple addition that doesn’t require a big project to install. If you don’t want a clip-on camera for your vehicle, we have another option for you – a rear tail light camera – it can be installed as a replacement to you tail light, it is small and produces a 180-degree vision for your reversing needs when you are driving.


Should I get a wireless rearview camera system?

A wireless back-up camera system is all the rage at the moment. Lots of great technology on the market that are extremely popular, the best part of the wireless system is there are no wires to install and it runs on a signal. But a Bluetooth back-up system can be risky – wireless systems can be affected by many things that can interrupt the signal. In big cities, signal interruption is an expectation, not an exception. When pairing the technology, you can experience interface problems between the components or software to run the entire wireless system. Chances are; if you have a wireless back-up camera system, you aren’t alone. Like any over the air signal, interference can come into play, and once you have interference with your signal, you could experience signal failure or poor image display. This is a risky factor that deters people away from a wireless aftermarket system for their vehicle – a hard-wired system delivers a constant signal that produces an excellent image every time.


Safety is job one

We do a great many things to enhance our safety, from identifying risks and hazards to buying insurance for unforeseen problems that could arise when running the gauntlet of life. Back-up cameras eliminate a host of problems that could result in death or dismemberment of pedestrians, and damage to your vehicle and other vehicles you could come in contact with. A back-up camera will be the peace of mind you need when driving in reverse. 

Car Systems Installation has been at the forefront of safety in Toronto in the back-up camera market for many years. What sets us apart from the rest is our technical knowledge, attention to detail and superior customer service that others just don’t have. For more than 20-years, we have installed the best, safest products on the market and we invite you to intersect with us to upgrade your safety. Call our shop today at Car Systems Installation at 416.901.5812 to discuss your customized solution that fits with your budget.


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