Frequently Asked Questions About Remote Car Starters

December 24th, 2016

With remote car starters, customers often have the same type of questions for their dealer. And although the Internet is full of information and advice, not everything is so clear-cut. There are, however, some common questions about car starters, and some common myths that need to be cleared up. Like any consumer product, it’s far better for a customer to be well informed.

Does installing a remote car starter affect vehicle warranty?

The short answer is NO. This is one of the most common questions asked and the most confusing. Installing a remote car starter, amongst other devices, does not void a vehicle warranty. But it is up to the consumer to purchase quality equipment, and have that equipment installed expertly. Here, it’s important to choose a reputable dealer who can provide a high quality product, while ensuring a professional install. In this way, any unforeseen issues or concerns can be effectively addressed. The idea of a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach may save money, but is also risky.

What exactly is the “Interface Module” and why is it necessary?

Today, most late model vehicles have factory-installed anti-theft systems. As well, many vehicles use high-tech “key fobs” to open and close the vehicle. For a remote starter to start the ignition, an “interface module” is used to bypass other technologies, allowing the vehicle to start. Here, it’s important not to disable the anti-theft system, and with a professional install, this can be easily avoided.  “Interface Modules” are being required more and more, in order to operate seamlessly with today’s advanced computer components. Simple wiring has become a thing of the past.

Can I install my remote car starter, instead of having it installed?

Vehicle electronics have become much more involved and complex than in years gone by. Today, there is some programming to perform, and some software manipulation required, even before any wiring takes place. In short, this is work for a trained and experienced technician – one who understands the process from end to end, and who can access technical support when required.  The DIY approach can pose a number of challenges, with the worst-case scenario of taking the vehicle into a dealer in the end. This is not something that any dealer is looking forward to.

Can a vehicle be stolen while running with the remote starter?

The short answer is NO. When the remote starter is activated, the steering wheel is locked and the transmission is locked. Furthermore, in the event that a valid key or key fob is not inserted into the ignition, the remote starting system is designed to shut the engine off and to prevent the unauthorized use of the vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle remains in a locked position when it has been remote started, as long as the driver has locked up when exiting the vehicle. These are all features that provide added security when installed properly by an experienced technician.

With remote car starters, it’s better to do it right the first time, with a professional, rather than deal with potential technical issues that may be stressful and more costly at the end of the day.   

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