Five Benefits of Having a Remote Starter Installed for Winter

November 20th, 2019

In recent years, remote car starters have become more and more popular. As a result, remote car starter installation is in much higher demand, and vehicle owners are on the hunt for quality products. The truth is, remote car starters are more affordable than ever – and getting a remote starter installed is easy and convenient.

The key with installation is to seek a professional approach. While the options for DIY installation might be attractive, today’s technologies require expertise and experience, particularly to avoid problems and issues. The benefits of having a remote car starter will be evident from season to season, and worth the investment.

1.  Heating up your vehicle provides several benefits 

If you live in a frigid environment throughout the winter, there’s nothing better than getting into a warm car and driving away. The most practical option here is a remote car starter, even when it has to be installed “aftermarket”. Of course, the idea of having an electric heater inside the car is senseless – simply because of the logistics required night after night.

Beyond getting into a nice warm car, a remote starter also helps to melt ice and snow as the defroster and heating system get going. More than that, remote starting will actually warm up your engine so that you’re not driving from a dead start. Once you’ve decided on the best device, the next step is getting a remote starter installed – this is best done professionally.

Clearly, heating up your vehicle is much more applicable when you live in a cold climate. After all, minus 20 Celsius in January can pose some serious discomfort the minute you sit in your car. Remote starting is certainly a luxury, but with 4 or 5 months of extreme cold, it’s also a great convenience. The key is to use it judiciously, and without overdoing it.

2.  Getting a remote starter installed can add security

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, the factory-installed security system may be very basic. Today’s remote car starters often provide added security features that can be of great benefit. As it is, aftermarket starters often have better range than the factory systems. With more advanced technology, they provide enhanced two-way communication.

Some remote starters incorporate a “shock sensor” capability. In the event that someone bumps your vehicle, a sound alarm is transmitted to your remote FOB. Indeed, some of the better remote starters can help to avert auto theft. The alarms features certainly will not guarantee 100% prevention, but the system as a whole does decrease the risk of theft.

With remote car starter installation, you should be shopping around for the device that best suits your needs. Some will have basic security features, while others may include keyless entry; defrost settings; and other added features. With a good installation shop, you can get advice on which features are worth investing, and which will deliver the long-term value.

3.  Syncing your remote starter with a smartphone

These days, there’s a flurry of remote starter devices that are compatible with smartphones. This type of connectivity is becoming more and more in demand as smartphones continue to advance in technology. The idea is to use smartphone APPs to share and access relevant information and specific vehicle functions. Sophistication obviously depends on the device.

A synchronized smartphone could share more than just remote start functions. Depending on the device, additional data could also be accessed – like remote locking and unlocking; tire pressure and fuel level status; and even vehicle location. Amazingly, some of the higher end devices have the ability to remote start your vehicle according to a specified schedule.

APP technology also has the capacity to be updated, just like other run-of-the-mill APPs. All things considered, these are high-tech devices that require professional installation. Expert attention will ensure that all components are performing at peak and all device functions are activated. More importantly, professionals ensure that vehicle warranty is protected.

4.  Aftermarket remote starters offer greater range

Aftermarket remote car starters tend to offer greater distance range than the factory-installed versions. Undoubtedly, the signal from a remote starter weakens by distance. In some situations, even a short distance from the vehicle can cause communication issues.

Remote starters with more power provide greater range, and that means having a range of 3,000 feet or even a mile. Unfortunately, buildings have a negative effect on range, and that’s unavoidable with any device. Indeed, even trees can affect the range performance.

When choosing a remote starter, it’s wise to choose functions (including range) that match your needs. This is where expert advice is valuable – in purchasing a device that provides the functions and capacity that best suit. What’s the point of functions that you don’t need?

5.  Increasing resale value with a remote car starter

For the most part, aftermarket accessories and devices are designed for your immediate benefit and comfort. A remote starter system is a very good example, with all of the benefits provided. It’s also an example of an add-on that could potentially increase vehicle value.

Bottom line, you’re purchasing a remote starter for personal convenience and comfort, with the short-term benefits making for a worthwhile investment. In general, the device and the installation are affordable, and considered a good investment even relative to resale value.

Prospective car buyers do like aftermarket add-ons and are prepared to pay a higher re-sale price. But it’s most important that aftermarket features or add-ons are installed at a reliable and trusted shop – that way the vehicle warranty is not affected and will not pose problems.

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