Great Car Electronics Make Road Trips Superb

August 31th, 2017

Fall is around the corner, and fall foliage is soon to follow. While nobody in the northeast wants to say goodbye to summer, fall foliage is truly an incredible experience. With a great car, and great car electronics, fall road trips can be an experience of their own. And today, with the latest technologies, vehicles can be outfitted with state-of-the-art car electronics that make every outing much safer, more comfortable, and a lot more entertaining.

Some years ago, only luxury cars were decked out with fancy features and advanced car electronics. But things are different today, and even older model vehicles can be equipped with impressive car electronics – everything from navigation assistance, parking sensors to Bluetooth® music, to safety and security systems. At Car Systems Installation, in-house electronics specialists offer a huge selection of products that will satisfy everyone’s wish list.

State-of-the-art iPod interfaces

Car Systems Installation can install a variety of iPod® interfaces to connect and control an iPod® while using the factory-equipped radio. Professionally installed, these systems will flow high quality music through the vehicle’s speaker system. More than that, when an iPhone® is connected, music can be streamed, even from popular Internet sites.

Bluetooth® integration system

With Bluetooth® integration, mobile phone information can be displayed on an LCD screen. With voice recognition installed, in-car phone calls are made safely and totally “hands free”. And with so many options available, Car Systems Installation can offer custom features to suit the need. The Android app, for instance, will automatically upgrade software.

Component speaker packages

Better speakers make for better sound – and today’s car electronics are significantly enhanced when sound is optimized. Car Systems Installation offers a huge range of speaker systems, with sizable wattage and optimum sound reproduction. With such features as soft dome tweeters, these are systems to satisfy even the most discriminating listeners.

High-performance amplifiers

With the best brands on the market, Car Systems Installation installs high performance amplifiers that boost power to in-car audio systems (and multimedia systems). CSI has a very extensive lineup of amplifiers and sub-woofers to meet the needs of virtually every vehicle model. And with expert installation, nothing can quite compare with the results.

GPS in-car navigation systems

For any road trip, a good quality GPS system allows drivers to know where they are and where they’re going. Even after a navigation mistake, it’s hard to get lost. GPS navigation systems allow drivers to drive and explore, with very little stress or distraction. The good news is that there’s no need for maps and no annoying passengers giving directions.

When it comes to car electronics, choose Car Systems Installation

Car Systems Installation stocks some of the best brands of electronics on the market. With expert installation on every job, CSI is committed to total customer satisfaction. Appointment times are designed to satisfy each customer, and extended hours are available if required. Book a custom installation by calling 416.901.5812, or find out more by visiting the company’s website at

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