What are my Options for Headrest DVD Installation in Toronto

January 19th, 2018

Headrest DVD monitors are a great way to provide video in any vehicle. Quality headrest monitors make it very easy to customize in-vehicle entertainment, thus providing passengers with various options to access an installed DVD system.

When it comes to headrest DVD installation in Toronto, vehicle owners can choose from a wide range of systems that look completely factory-installed. Kids in particular will benefit from the entertainment, particularly during a longer journey.

Headrest DVD System

Today’s headrest DVD systems offer vehicle-specific mounting and seamless installation – it looks and feels like a factory install. With contemporary styling and soft-touch controls, these systems can be configured to meet family needs. The Rosen Headrest DVD System includes two headrests, integrated 7” high definition displays, and even an HDMI input to connect smartphones/tablets.

Other features include Wi Fi connection; two-way up and down tilt; FM transmitter to play audio; auxiliary input for video game devices; and additional outputs for two more screens. This is truly the ultimate in rear seat entertainment. Installation options are available for a range of vehicle makes and models. Headrests are custom matched to the vehicle’s factory seating materials.

Piggyback Headrest DVD System

The Rosen Piggyback Headrest can be installed without causing damage to the vehicle interior and without loosing any factory-installed features. For headrest DVD installation in Toronto, this system can be fully customized to match the original factory colour, grain, and even stitching. The “seat back” system includes high-resolution displays and two-way up and down tilt feature.

With Rosen, custom mounting systems are available for Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, and Chrysler vehicles. As well, a universal mounting system is available that will fit most adjustable headrests. Also included in this DVD system is a USB port for flash drive devices; auxiliary input for external media sources; and an FM transmitter that will play audio through the existing sound system.

Roof-mount Digital DVD

Another option for headrest DVD installation in Toronto comes from AudioVox - with many options for device connectivity, and excellent value for enhancing vehicle entertainment. This “overhead” system incorporates inputs that offer direct connection to smartphones, tablets, and even Smart TV devices. The result:  full access to high-definition audio and video content.

AudioVox delivers better electronics, much cleaner aesthetics, and optimized features. With expanded functionality, AudioVox products often surpass original equipment standards. And when it comes to style and function, even the most discriminating customer can be satisfied. Rear seat travelers will delight with in-vehicle content or with content from personal devices.

Headrest DVD installation in Toronto - from Car Systems Installation

For professional headrest DVD installation in Toronto, vehicle owners can rely on Car Systems Installation to do it all. The experts at CSI will recommend the very best components, and offer professional installation every time. Product quality is assured and every effort is made to provide complete customer satisfaction. To find out more about the latest in car electronics, visit the company website at www.carsystemsinstallation.ca or call CSI directly at 416.901.5812.

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