How to Find the Best Dash Cam - The Ultimate Shopping Guide

October 06th, 2020

There are many reasons why you should get a dash cam for your vehicle, no matter if you drive a car, a van, a truck, or any other vehicle. However, the number 1 reason is security. If anything happens to your vehicle, a dash cam will provide you with a video recording of what happened. Since a dash cam provides visual proof, it can help you with security claims. In addition, if you have received a traffic ticket and need to contend it, a dash cam can help you make a strong case. Dash cams come with a wide range of benefits, but in order to get the right one for your vehicle, you need to understand some of their most important features, which are: 


Clear Recording

A good dash cam will record events clearly, and a wide viewing angle is the first thing you should look for when assessing the quality of the recording capabilities. A dash cam with a wide  viewing angle will record reliably without any distortion. For example, the GNET G-ON dash cam outperforms other dash cams on the market with its widest viewing angle of 160 degrees in the front and 150 degrees in the rear. In addition to this, the GNET G-ON dash cam features Real HDR which provides clear recordings in poor lighting conditions (night driving, tunnels and other conditions).



Your dash cam will record numerous videos, especially if you drive every day.That’s why, when shopping for a dash cam, you need to look for one that offers better video compression, so that you don’t run out of memory card space quickly. 



Wi-Fi Smartphone Connections

We rely on our phones so much today, which is why another useful feature you should look for is smartphone connect. For example, if anything unusual happens, you want to be able to access the videos quickly, and connecting your dash cam to your phone will give you access to your recordings on the spot. Look for dash cams that provide an upgraded, user-friendly GUI, that will allow you to access your recordings anytime with the Wi-Fi connection. 


Parking Mode

A smart dash cam will have an integrated time lapse function which will help you save storage space in parking mode. The GNET G-ON dash cam, for example, has a time lapse that records one frame per second, which minimizes the space of videos recorded when your vehicle is parked. In addition to this, a good dash cam will stop recording after your battery drops below a certain level, so you don’t have to worry about it draining your battery.



Speech Indication Instead of Beeps

Beep alerts can be quite confusing and disturbing. Smart dash cams have integrated voice alerts, which helps you identify potential problems quickly. In addition to voice alerts, high quality dash cams come with safe driving features such as lane departure assist (if you leave your lane while driving) or the forward collision warning system (when the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you is too short), among others. 

Choosing a quality dash cam is very important for safe driving. These are just some of the advanced features available in modern-day dash cams that you should definitely look for when shopping around. Our team at Car Systems Installation can help you find the best dash cam for your vehicle at the best possible price. Get in touch with us today at (416) 901-5812.

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