How the IGLA Anti-Theft System Stopped Thieves from Stealing Car 9 Times

March 23th, 2023

Car theft is a widespread issue that has affected many car owners around the province. With the increasing rate of car theft, car owners are always in search of reliable anti-theft systems to keep their vehicles safe. In the video above, you can see how a Toronto man used the IGLA Anti-Theft System to protect his car from being stolen by car thieves.

The video shows how the anti-theft system prevented the thieves from gaining access to his vehicle, and how the owner was alerted when the thief attempted to steal his car. The system uses a device that is compact in size and has the ability to transform a car's steering wheel buttons into a computer keyboard, requiring the user to input a password to start the vehicle. Additionally, it has the capability to immobilize the car. The system is invisible and the unit is very small, and it cannot be cloned, copied or bypassed. The car owner was able to prevent the theft of his car, thanks to the IGLA Anti-Theft System. Read more about the incident on CTV.

IGLA Anti-Theft System Installation 

The IGLA is one of the most advanced anti-theft systems available in the market. It is designed to provide maximum protection to your vehicle against theft. At Car Systems Installation, we provide expert installation of the IGLA Anti-Theft System. Our team of professionals is trained to install the system in a way that maximizes its effectiveness and ensures that your vehicle is fully protected. We understand the importance of keeping your car safe and secure, and we are committed to providing you with the best anti-theft solutions.

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