How The IGLA Anti-Theft Pin Code System Works in a 2023 Lexus nx350 Hybrid

March 10th, 2023

In this video blog, we show you how the IGLA Pin Code Anti Theft System is designed to provide maximum protection for a 2023 Lexus nx350 Hybrid with a remote starter. With IGLA, you can experience unrivalled security for one of your most prized possessions through cutting-edge mechanical and electrical engineering. Let CSI's anti-theft installation provide you with the assurance that your car is safeguarded from harm's way. Rest easy knowing that your valuable asset is in good hands.

Protect Your Lexus: The Importance of Installing an Anti-Theft System

With the rise of car thefts in the Greater Toronto Area, it's become more important than ever to protect your Lexus with an anti-theft system. In particular, the 2023 Lexus nx350 Hybrid has been identified as a popular target for thieves due to its high value and advanced technology. Despite the advanced security features implemented by car manufacturers, the risk of having your vehicle stolen is still present. Criminals have become increasingly sophisticated in their methods, making it easier for them to bypass traditional security measures. Investing in an anti-theft system not only deters potential thieves but also provides added protection and peace of mind. Protect your valuable asset and avoid the costly consequences of vehicle theft by securing your Lexus with an anti-theft system today.

How Does The Theft Protection System Work in Tandem With a Remote Starter?

✔ With the IGLA anti-theft system, you can start your Lexus with your remote starter as you normally would. Unlike the older Lexus models, this vehicle does not shut down when you open the door. Once you enter the car and follow the instructions on the dash, the car is normally ready to be driven. However, you cannot drive away yet with the anti-theft system! if you try to put the car in gear, the shifter will continue to jump back to park. In order to drive the vehicle away, you must input the security code for the IGLA system. 

✔ Once you input the security code, you will hear two beeps confirming that the code was input correctly. Once you hear this confirmation, you can put the car into gear and drive away. 

✔ The security code for the IGLA security system can be changed to any code you desire, consisting of between 3 buttons to 20. This code can also be changed as many times as you need. The code utilizes the factory buttons, so you do not have a separate fob or device, meaning no one but you knows the system is in place. 

Why Choose Us

When it comes to protecting your precious Lexus, you can't afford to take any chances. That's where CSI comes in with our unrivalled expertise in anti-theft system installation. Our track record of providing top-notch services for over two decades speaks volumes about our commitment to ensuring your car's safety. Having our certified technicians perform the installation guarantees a prompt and seamless experience, and we offer a warranty for all our projects. If you need advice, our friendly customer service team is always available to assist you. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you safeguard your Lexus!

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