IGLA Anti-Theft System Installed on Two Jeeps

January 12th, 2024

The Jeep Wrangler, an iconic and beloved vehicle, commands attention and admiration from enthusiasts. However, this spotlight has an unfortunate flip side—car thieves have honed in on the allure of this popular model. Regrettably, the Jeep Wrangler stands among the most stolen vehicles in the GTA, making robust security measures a critical necessity. The prospect of your cherished Wrangler vanishing is an unwelcome reality no owner wants to confront. Enter the IGLA Anti-Theft System, a true guardian in the face of this persistent threat. More than just an accessory, this system stands as a formidable defence against auto theft. With state-of-the-art technology and an unwavering commitment to security, the IGLA system ensures the safety and fortification of your prized Wrangler, providing invaluable peace of mind in safeguarding your treasured possession. We recently installed the IGLA Anti-Theft System on the above two jeeps, giving the owners peace of mind that their vehicles are safe and protected!

Why Your Jeep Wrangler Needs the IGLA Anti-Theft System

IGLA stands as the epitome of modern security, providing unparalleled defence even if your Jeep Wrangler's keys fall into the wrong hands. This revolutionary system seamlessly integrates into your Wrangler's factory controls, leaving no visible device or aftermarket addition. Your vehicle's standard buttons now take on the crucial role of being the primary guardians of its security.

So, how does it work? Once you're inside your Wrangler with the key, start the vehicle and input your unique security code. This code, a sequence of 3 to 20 button presses using any combination of the factory buttons, must be accurately entered for the vehicle to be driven, confirmed by two distinct beeps. If the correct code is not entered, attempting to shift the Wrangler into gear triggers a security shutdown, preventing any unauthorized movement and ensuring enhanced security. Moreover, the system offers flexibility in changing your security code as needed, maintaining an impenetrable shield for your Wrangler. With the IGLA Anti-Theft System, you retain complete control over fortifying your vehicle's security, ensuring adaptability to changing circumstances while upholding the highest safety standards for your esteemed off-road companion.

Drive with absolute confidence, knowing that your Jeep Wrangler is fortified by the impenetrable IGLA Anti-Theft System.

Why Choose Us

At Car System Installations, we specialize in fortifying vehicles with top-tier anti-theft solutions, delivering an extra layer of security that significantly enhances your Jeep Wrangler's safety measures. With a rich history spanning over two decades in the industry, our dedication to delivering exceptional service is our hallmark. Our skilled technicians, renowned for their expertise, ensure a swift and seamless installation process that you can trust. We stand firmly behind our work, providing a comprehensive warranty that guarantees your peace of mind. Whether you need assistance or have inquiries, our devoted customer support team is always at your service. Reach out to us today and let us demonstrate how our expert services can elevate the security of your Jeep Wrangler. Your esteemed vehicle deserves nothing less than the utmost protection, and we are committed to delivering precisely that.

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