IGLA Theft Protection Device Installation for 2022 Toyota Highlander

September 21th, 2022

In this video, we will show you the benefits of the IGLA anti-theft system in a 2016 Toyota Highlander. Toyota vehicles have recently become targets when it comes to car theft around Toronto, so a robust anti-theft system like the IGLA can help safeguard your vehicle. A kill switch is another popular term for this type of antitheft system. A kill switch for cars prevents the car from getting power. Theft often occurs when a thief clones or boosts the key (key boosting) or somehow gets access to the key. Due to the increased rate of Toyota theft happening in and around Toronto, IGLA anti-theft systems are definitely a great investment when it comes to defending your Jeep Cherokee from theft.

How Does The IGLA Theft Protection Device System Work?

✔  This theft protection device operates by keeping the vehicle from moving without a protected code entered first. The vehicle will refuse to start or turn over without a special secret input. As you can see in the video, the Jeep Cherokee refuses to start without the special code. However, once the correct sequence is inputted, the vehicle will then turn over. The Jeep Cherokee then confirms the code has been input correctly with a "confirmation" sound of two audible beeps.
✔ The code can easily be changed by the owner of the vehicle.

How Does The IGLA Theft Protection Device Work With a Remote Starter?

✔ If you have a remote starter system, you may be interested if your system will work in tandem with your IGLA anti-theft system. First things first, the theft protection device system does work with remote starters.
✔ You can simply start the vehicle with the remote starter as you previously would. Once you enter the vehicle, complete the key takeover as usual. Before you try to drive the vehicle, you must enter the anti-theft code. If you try to drive away without entering the code, the car will shut down after a few seconds, and you will be unable to start the vehicle again without typing in the code.

You are welcome to watch our detailed vlog for more details. Feel free to contact our team of specialists for more information on any of our robust anti-theft systems! 

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