Installing Car Safety Technology for a Much Safer Ride

November 17th, 2017

Today, nothing is more important for a driver than safety on the road. And with car safety technology installed, both safety and security can be assured. Every day, countless vehicle accidents occur, and many of them can be avoided. With the right car safety technology, collision prevention and avoidance can contribute to a much safer ride for all concerned.

Backup Cameras

Backup cameras (installed as an aftermarket device) provide an extra layer of safety and security with a big payoff. They simply serve to prevent backup mishaps by eliminating any blind spots. This prevents a vehicle from backing into people, animals, cars, and property. And while looking into the side-view mirror and rear-view mirror is essential, backup cameras safety technology is a plus.

Blind Spot Detection

Blind spot monitors are one of the newer features of car safety technology. Essentially, this technology will warn if someone or something is in your blind spot (left or right). For example, a warning will appear or will be heard, if there’s a vehicle that’s in your blind spot. With highly complex components, it’s recommended that blind spot detection technology  be professionally installed.

Collision Avoidance

With vision-sensing technology, and high-tech algorithms, MOBILEYE offers a collision avoidance system that does three things for the driver - observe changing road conditions - interpret danger situations – and alert drivers to take action. All told, this technology helps to avoid dangerous collisions. MOBILEYE uses a high-definition sensor that operates like a “third eye” for the driver.

GPS Mirror

The GPS rear-view mirror is an inexpensive way to install all of the benefits of GPS system. There is also the option to add a reverse camera component in order to make parking easier. This is a fully functional aftermarket installation that includes a colour touch screen, built-in speaker, and hands-free Bluetooth®. GPS is more about road and travel security, for both short and long trips. 


When it comes to maximizing car safety technology, hands-free Bluetooth® allows for much more attentive driving. Mobile phone information is displayed on an LCD screen, providing for complete access to the cell phone and all of the features. With advanced voice recognition, the hands-free Bluetooth® technology lets drivers simply say a name and the number is dialed.

Thinkware Dash Camera

With the Thinkware Dash Camera, drivers will enjoy a complete system that incorporates night vision, time lapse, safety warning, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Front and rear views (in high definition) allow for constant front and rear viewing and recording, during daytime hours and nighttime. The camera provides a wide-angle lens that minimizes blind spots and assures recording without fail.

Depend on Car Systems Installation

Since 1999, Car Systems Installation has provided quality products and quality service in and around the GTA. With the latest car safety technology and huge in-stock inventory, CSI offers very competitive prices on a wide range of installations. What’s most important is to have any aftermarket electronic technology professionally managed. And here, the professionals at CSI can guarantee long-term satisfaction on every install. 

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