Prevent Push Start Car Theft

August 04th, 2020

With technological advancements, you’re left with incredible innovations that can result in both positive as well as negative outcomes. Let’s take auto theft into consideration. Long before cars had a push start with a remote key fob, the only way to secure your vehicle was through the traditional lock and key method. However, it wasn’t the most efficient way to keep your car safe from thieves. The unfortunate truth was, back then, there were a plethora of ways of breaking into a car. Everything from the common lock picking tools set to using unconventional methods like a spatula or a coat hanger. 

Potential Risks of Push Start Cars

Cars have since upgraded to include tighter security measures aimed at theft prevention such as alarms and trackers. In spite of that, thieves are finding ways to use new technologies to bypass security and steal vehicles. Particularly cars that have keyless-entry. Take this article from cp24 for example. The video within this piece shows one of the two thieves standing by the front door of the house, holding a device that is used to capture and extend the signal emitted from the keyless fob within the house. While he does that, the other thief stands by the car. The moment the signal is captured, the thief unlocks the doors, gets inside the vehicle and starts the engine. And they both drive the car away.

Typical Solutions

It may seem like all hope is lost, and vehicle security is obsolete. Fortunately that’s not the case. To begin, there are several things you can do to avoid this particular outcome. Perhaps the most important of all is making sure your car doors are locked, and your keyless FOB is nowhere near the front door of your home. If that isn’t possible, consider investing in a device that can block remote wiping as well as blocking signals from auto keyless entry fobs. Another alternative is parking your vehicle in the garage if possible. Or getting a steer wheel club. With thefts such as these, it’s highly unlikely a thief would go the extra mile to steal an ordinary vehicle. And having an additional hurdle may leave thieves wondering if it’s worth the hassle. The most common measures, as mentioned earlier, would be to invest in the more common deterrents: car alarms and tracking systems.

Recommended Tool 

Beyond the typical solutions, there are other ways to keep your car secure even while it is  parked outside. The IGLA 321 CAN-BUS Immobilizer is an excellent tool that can easily protect your vehicle from cloning, hacking, and key theft. The nature of thieves varies depending on the thief. Some thieves won’t know about the tracking system installed in the vehicle, and the police will be able to catch them. Others may know about it as well as may be able to disable it fairly quickly, Luckily, IGLA works silently. Almost as though it is incognito. Furthermore, it doesn’t require additional wires or modules that may give away its location. 

The best feature is even if you have the factory-standard keyless fob with you, this system can still prevent the vehicle from starting. While IGLA works differently on every vehicle (i.e. some cars won’t even start, while others may start but the moment you put it into gear, it’ll shut off), it gets the job done. In order to actually start the car, you’d need the special fob that comes with the system, or you need to use a code (a sequence of buttons within the car) that only you should know. Watch an example of how this anti-theft system works here. The icing on the cake is that IGLA is not only undetectable while using scan or diagnostic tools, it is so perfectly concealed so the safety of your vehicle is fully ensured. 

At Car Systems Installation, our team of trained technicians have the experience and expertise required to upgrade your vehicle. Servicing GTA for years, our priority is our customers and their satisfaction. That’s why our prices are competitive, and our industry knowledge and in-stock product availability is unmatched. Furthermore, we are able to recommend and customize solutions within your budget so you’re left with options that best fit your needs. Contact us at (416) 901-5812 to see how we can equip your car with the IGLA 321 CAN-BUS Immobilizer. When you decide to make the security of your vehicle a priority, it’s a one-time investment for a lifetime of mental peace. 

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