Keep Your Children Safe With a Professional Car Seat Installation Service

February 14th, 2018

For expert car seat installation in Toronto, it’s Car Systems installation

Keeping children safe and secure inside a vehicle couldn’t be more important. And for parents, that means maximum car seat safety for babies, infants and young children. In Ontario, car seat laws govern both the seat and the installation - without exception. To ensure expert car seat installation in Toronto, vehicle owners can count on the team at Car Systems Installation for professional work that complies fully with Canadian product specifications and standards.

Car seat installation in Toronto – it’s governed by Ontario law

Using the correct child car seat (with proper installation) is the only way to avoid injury to a child in a collision. As such, it’s important to buy the right car seat to match a child's height, weight and physical development. And when it comes to car seat installation in Toronto, it’s imperative to install properly, and according to the manufacturer’s specifications (without cutting corners).

When purchasing a child’s car seat, there should be a product label attached (National Safety Mark). This label specifies that the seat complies with the standards and regulations that make it legal. In Canada, every child’s car seat and booster seat also has an expiry date. In terms of the child’s age, height, and weight, legal regulations are designed to provide maximum in safety.

New-borns and infants need rear-facing car seats for optimal safety

New-borns and infants need extra protection in a vehicle - rear-facing car seat can save a baby's life. In Ontario, a car seat that is rear-facing is required until a child reaches 9 kg or 20 lb. It’s also recommended that a rear-facing car seat be used based on the manufacturer's suggested weight and height limit. Some rear-facing car seats are designed for kids who weigh up to 20 kg or 45 lb.

Children can use a car seat that is forward-facing

Children who weigh between 9 kg and 18 kg (20 - 40 lb.) can use a forward-facing car seat or remain in a rear-facing car seat (again based on manufacturer recommendations). The forward-facing seat uses a special strap that prevents the car seat from moving forward and thus causing injury. Here again, it is critical to install that special strap exactly as the manufacturer suggests.

Booster seats raise a child enough to use adult seat belts. Booster seats have proven to protect kids from injury 3½ times better than seat belts alone. According to law, children who weigh 18 kg - 36 kg (40 lb - 80 lb), shorter than 145 cm (4 ft 9 in), and under age 8, can use a booster seat or continue to use of a forward-facing seat (all based on the manufacturer recommendations).

Car Systems Installation provides expert car seat installation in Toronto

With professional installation, vehicle owners are assured that their child’s car seat is installed exactly as the manufacturer intended. And for car seat installation in Toronto, vehicle owners can rely on Car Systems Installation for that professional approach. CSI does it right the first time, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. To find out more about CSI, call 416.901.5812, or visit the company website at

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