A Remote Car Starter Should be Professionally Installed

November 15th, 2016

There is no lack of DIY projects these days – everything from automobile upgrades to residential home improvements. On some scale, the do-it-yourself approach has benefits, particularly when it comes to cost savings. At the same time, a re-work or re-install when things go terribly wrong is both stressful and costly. The truth is, some things should be left to the professionals, and remote car starters happen to be in that category. The work can sometimes be complex, and the technology can be challenging.

Without getting overly technical, things can get tricky when installing a remote car starter, especially for someone without any experience. New vehicles sometimes have anti-theft systems that need to be bypassed, or sophisticated wiring that requires careful attention. All of it necessitates both product and installation expertise. In a worst-case situation, a poor installation, for whatever reason, can actually compromise warranty coverage. Here, a little research and some homework are highly advisable.

Beyond anything else, a reputable installer is industry recognized, and most often BBB certified (Better Business Bureau). It means that a certain standard of service and reliability has been attained over the years. For the average customer, it means that an installation has been done properly, the first time. As it is, a specialty shop with experienced staff has more know-how and expertise in the field. And while the cost of installation may be marginally higher at a specialty shop, the professionalism pays off.

Probably the very best reason for a professional install is performance results. A DIY car starter kit, let alone a DIY installation, will not deliver the same performance. And if the installation effort is faulty, all kinds of problems can emerge, whether with the product itself or with the vehicle warranty. Also, it’s important to purchase and install the car starter under the same roof. Trying to save money by buying at one place and installing at another can potentially create more problems than is worthwhile.

When the budget is tight, it’s far better to choose a remote car starter at an appropriate price point rather than cut corners with retail DIY options. There is no substitute to a quality product and install.

Remote car starters from Car Systems Installation

Remote car starters are high-tech, and there are significant system advances every year. The CSI team is up-to-date with the latest technologies, and with product alternatives for many makes and models.

CSI has an exceptional inventory of in-stock car starters, all with competitive industry pricing. Expert installers are focused on a high level of customer service, without overlooking the customer’s budget. 

The aim at CSI is to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s accomplished by recommending the product that best suits the need of the customer, and providing the best return-on-investment based on the budget.

Professionalism in business keeps the customer at the forefront. That’s why CSI offers extended hours for installation, as well as special appointment times, when required. It’s about service commitment.

The priority for Car Systems Installation is product and installation satisfaction. As such, CSI offers a LIMITED lifetime warranty on labour, depending on the specific product installed and the vehicle.

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