Top 5 Car Collision Avoidance Systems

October 21th, 2019

The idea behind a car collision avoidance system is to avert an impending collision where possible. Alternatively, if a collision is unavoidable, then the idea is to reduce the gravity of the situation. Reducing the gravity of an accident also diminishes property damage and any personal injury. To achieve this, a car collision avoidance system employs various warnings.


How does a Collision Avoidance System Work?

Today, car safety systems make use of advanced technologies to reduce physical damage, diminish personal injury, and even save lives. This is particularly true when it comes to rear end collisions. Studies in Europe and North America highlight a number of benefits with car safety systems, leading to industry mandates for both commercial and passenger vehicles.

Most of today’s collision avoidance systems make use of “front-facing” sensors. Depending on the vehicle and the system, these sensors map out the area in front of the vehicle. Data from the sensors is then computed by the collision avoidance system to ascertain if there are obstructions in the way. At the very least, the vehicle provides a warning sound/signal.

The key to any safety system is to calculate vehicle speed vis-à-vis any obstruction. Then, it’s up to the system to perform a certain safety task. Typically, a warning sound will alert the driver to brake or to steer away from the obstruction. At Car Systems Installation, you can choose from a range of collision avoidance systems, each with innovative features.


USA Spec BSM 200 Blind Spot Monitoring 

This is the most advanced blind spot monitoring system on the market. It can be installed in vehicles with plastic rear bumper covers. The system uses multi-channel technology that detects and warns of moving vehicles in a blind spot. It’s designed to minimize false alarms.


Auto-i BSD1000D Blind Spot Detection

This system is activated when using the turn signal, and provides a “view” of the vehicle’s blind spots. Using two bumper-mounted sensors, the Auto-iBSD1000D Blind Spot Detection Device broadcasts a warning with LED indicators when a vehicle is detected in close-range.


Mobileye 630 Collision Avoidance

Mobileye 630 is a collision avoidance system that acts as a “third eye”. Monitoring the road ahead of the vehicle, the system identifies dangerous situations, providing both audio and visual alerts that help the driver to prevent or mitigate an impending automobile collision.


Auto-i BSD1000 Blind Spot Detection

This system is equipped with two sensors mounted on the rear of the vehicle. The sensors detect other vehicles, bicycles, or objects that may be located in a blind spot. The Auto-i BSD1000 system features two LED indicators, mounted near the side view mirrors to provide the warning.


Auto-i BSD1000P Blind Spot Detection

The Auto-i BSD1000P is a blind spot detector and rear-parking sensor in one. It activates automatically when a turn signal is activated AND when the vehicle is in reverse. Two sensors are mounted on the rear bumper to provide an accurate “view” that assists the driver when driving/parking.

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