Vehicle Anti Theft Pin Code System for Jeep Grand Cherokee 2016

October 09th, 2023


In recent years, car theft has become an escalating concern, especially in the Greater Toronto Area, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a highly targeted vehicle. Thieves have continuously evolved their methods, using sophisticated techniques to outsmart conventional security systems and pilfer vehicles undetected. With each passing day, the challenge of safeguarding our vehicles intensifies as thieves grow more resourceful. However, amidst this rising wave of thefts, a technological marvel has emerged as a beacon of hope for vehicle owners – the IGLA anti-theft system. Unlike traditional security measures, IGLA stands resilient, rendering thieves powerless in the face of its advanced features. Regardless of the methods they employ, even if they manage to obtain a key, the IGLA system serves as an impenetrable fortress, ensuring that your vehicle remains right where it belongs – securely parked in your possession. 

Why IGLA Is a Must For Vehicle Protection

This state-of-the-art security solution is your ultimate defence against theft, even in the event of key compromise. IGLA seamlessly integrates with your Grand Cherokee's factory controls, eliminating the need for additional gadgets or key fobs; your Jeep's existing buttons are all you require. Here's how it works: When you're inside your vehicle with the key, start your vehicle, and then input your unique security code. The security code can be 3 to 20 presses of any combination of the factory buttons. Your vehicle won't start until the correct code is successfully entered, indicated by your indicator (or hazard) lights flashing twice. Once you see the confirmation, you can start your Jeep successfully. Plus, you can change your security code as frequently as you desire, ensuring your Grand Cherokee remains impeccably protected.

So, what about if your Jeep has a remote starter? The IGLA system works easily with remote starters as well. Simply start your vehicle with the remote starter as usual. Once you enter your vehicle, normally you can just shift your vehicle into gear and drive away. With the IGLA system, your shifter locks, and you cannot shift your car into drive without inputting your security code. Once you input your code, you will see the 2 light flashes of confirmation, and you can shift your car into drive.

With the IGLA Anti-Theft System, you have the power to fortify your vehicle's security at your fingertips, adapting to evolving circumstances and maintaining the highest level of safety for your cherished SUV. Drive with peace of mind, knowing that your Jeep Grand Cherokee is shielded by the IGLA Anti-Theft System. 

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