Why Many Torontonians are Opting for Car Alarm Installation?

February 28th, 2018

While most new model cars probably don’t require a car alarm installation, older vehicles may well benefit from a professionally installed system. A good system will certainly provide some anti-theft protection and will deter thieves from breaking in. By any measure, a blaring alarm is a proven deterrent, and for many small time thieves, the increased risk just isn’t worthwhile. In some jurisdictions, insurance companies even offer premium reductions with a good car alarm.

GPS trackers can be useful with a car alarm installation

A GPS tracker can be quite useful in conjunction with an installed car alarm. And even though thieves are getting more and more clever, adding security technology to a vehicle can definitely provide a deterrent. The fact is, a tracking device doesn’t necessarily stop a theft, but it does provide a better chance of locating and potentially retrieving a vehicle. It will pay for itself.

TAG Tracking system – a very high tech tracking system

Tag Tracking is an innovative theft-prevention and recovery system. The technology combines preventative measures like chemical etching and electronic ID to effectively deter vehicle theft. As well, a vehicle “tracking team” is available in the event of a theft. The Tag Tracking system makes it clear that the vehicle is security protected, effectively reducing the rate of theft by 99%.

Compustar alarm upgrade kit for vehicle remote starters

The Compustar alarm upgrade kit provides added security features for a vehicle, like dual-stage shock detection, accelerometer, and tilt sensing. The alarm siren speaker is very loud - capable of scaring off intruders, while alerting passersby. One of the very special features is the "starter-kill", which essentially prevents a vehicle from being driven when the security system is armed.

Compustar remote starter/remote starter alarm

With a range of up to three miles, the Compustar controller is heavy-duty and able to withstand some very rugged use. It’s waterproof, and comes with a three-year warranty (the longest on the market). Compustar remote starters and security systems all work together. There is a built in lithium-ion battery that can be easily recharged using a traditional, standard micro-USB cable.

Professional car alarm installation is the best way

Remote car starters, tracking systems, and car alarms require a professional installation. Today, these systems are all highly technical, and the installation process is just as technical (sometimes challenging). As such, professional installation is key to long-term performance and satisfaction.

For the average vehicle owner, this is not the time to shop around for bargain-priced systems or low price installation offers. Car alarms and remote starters can often involve complex work, and especially when systems are combined to work together. The DIY approach can be disastrous.

A trained professional will install an electronic system (car starter or car alarm) properly, and without mistakes. In fact, with an expert installation, a vehicle’s warranty is NOT compromised. Simply put, with professional installation, a vehicle owner can rest assured of a job done right.

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