Fill Your Wish List With Car Electronics for Christmas

December 20th, 2017

When it comes to filling that wish list, car electronics for Christmas could be the perfect answer. For enjoyment right through the year, Car Systems Installation can recommend everything from integrated GPS systems, to sophisticated dash cameras, to full out multimedia installations.

Car electronics for Christmas opens up a whole world of gift possibilities this year, especially for the music enthusiast or technology geek! CSI offers professional advice on the latest high-tech products, and can recommend the ideal combination of car electronics, even for the maven.

GPS Navigation System

Today, a GPS navigation system is a valuable tool for any driver. A good quality system can make for safer driving, and a relaxed ride. With a GPS system from CSI, drivers know where they are and where they’re going – there’s practically no way to get lost with GPS even after a driving mistake. Best of all, there’s no need for maps and no need for passengers to give directions.

In-car Dash Cameras

Car electronics for Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a dash camera. And today’s high-tech systems record everything in real time, providing benefits on both city streets and highways. A good quality dash camera will pay for itself after the first fender-bender, not to mention a more serious mishap. Dash cameras provide accident evidence for police and insurance companies.

Multi-media Systems

Multi-media components are transformational – with everything from high-end CD players to in-car DVD players. At Car Systems Installation, the options are endless, with multi-media systems that allow for all types of external source components to be incorporated (includes smartphones and tablets). Basic or sophisticated, every system serves to enhance the media experience.

Smart Car Starter

For those who are interested in car electronics for Christmas, the Smartphone Car Starter from CSI is ideal. Now - take advantage of the special Christmas Offer - MyStart Plus Remote Start System with installation for $419 (plus tax). Available for automatic transmission, this remote starter system allows a smartphone to do all the work – starting, locking, unlocking, plus other features, depending on the installation. With a remote starter, the engine can be warmed in the dead of winter, and indoor comfort is enhanced from season to season. It’s the best gift ever.

Putting it all together with Car Systems Installation

This year, make the gift giving wish list about car electronics for Christmas. The experts at Car Systems Installation have it all – whether for the high-tech novice or the fanatic. CSI installers will recommend the right combination of components to suit the need. The products are high quality, the installations are professional, and everything is quality assured for customer satisfaction.

Christmas shoppers can rely on Car Systems Installation from product selection to finished install. To learn more about the new world of car electronics, contact CSI at 416.901.5812 or visit the company website at For this Christmas, ask about the special offer - MyStart Plus Remote Start System with installation for only $419 (plus added tax).

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