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At Car Systems Installation, we carry a range of GNET products and we specialize in professional GNET dash cam installation. Our experienced technicians will install GNET systems into your vehicle with ease.

  • Warranty options
  • Competitive prices
  • Wide selection of GNET dashboard cameras
  • Mobile electronic certified technicians
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Leading auto electronic installation company
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Top rated experts
  • We service all vehicle makes and models
  • Top rated
  • No wires Installation

Give us a call today at (416) 901-5812 to learn more about these products.

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GNET dash cameras are a great solution for Uber, Lyft, Taxi and rideshare drivers because of their simplicity and ease of use. These cameras make it easy for you to record any events regardless if you’re driving or not. It allows you to download the video on the spot with your smartphone with its WiFi function and to see where the video was taken with the GPS logger. This unique system also has a parking mode that lets you see the full time of parking so you can see exactly what happened before and after any event. Certain models of the GNET dashboard cameras are specifically designed for trucks and fleet vehicles with heavy duty cameras all around. With side cameras that can be used to detect blind spots while changing lanes and rear cameras that eliminate the need for a backup camera, GNET dash cameras will help you stay safe on the road, no matter how long the trip.



There are many reasons for the average car owner and commercial car owners to purchase dash cams for their vehicles. The first and most important reason is security. Should anything happen to your vehicle, you have a video record of what happened. You can also get it to help with security claims because it provides visual proof so that you don’t have to rely on memory in order to paint the scene of an accident. Also, if you need to contend with a traffic ticket, having a dash cam can really strengthen your case.

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The benefits that come with a GNET dash cam are hard to ignore. If you think you could use one for your personal vehicle or your fleet of commercial vehicles, then we encourage you to get in touch with our dash cam installation experts. Not only will we professionally install your new dash cam, but we will also help you figure out how to use it properly and in a way that provides value to you.

Schedule an appointment today at (416) 901-5812 or drop by our shop at 872 Magnetic Drive, North York, Ontario M3J 2C4.

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