Compustar RF-1WG6AM 1way remote kit
Compustar RF-1WG6AM 1way remote kit

Compustar RF-1WG6AM 1way remote kit

Brand: Compustar Prime

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Starter, Alarm, Combo module.
Manual Transmission
Bypass module (not needed with DC3)
Optional T-Harness for DC3

Compustar 1WAY Remote Starter RF-1WG6AM

Are you looking for an easy way to remote start your car when it gets cold outside?

The Compustar RF-1WG6AM is one of Compustar’s best-selling entry-level 1way remote With a range of up to 2000 feet,
it is heavy-duty and water-resistant So if you drop it on the ground or in water, you’ll know that your remote should still work.

It is a great unit for almost every situation and can be upgraded to any of the other Compustar Pro remote in a matter of minutes.
These remote come with a life time limited warranty.

casing customers can perform basic remote starter functions with this Compustar remote stater.

The Compustar RF-1WG6AM  can be installed also as alarm or starter and alarm the remote have 4 buttons that can lock, unlock, start the Vehicle
and open the trunk (the trunk is optional and may not feet to all the Vehicle).

The RF-1WG6AM  includes the following components: Two 1-way remote and one antenna, and owner’s manual.


Inside the Compustar G6 (RF-1WG6AM) Remote Kit:

2x 1WG6AM 1 way Remote
Antenna Cable

Required Parts (Not included in the kit)

Remote starter module or
Remote starter/alarm module or
Alarm module or
Bypass module (required for remote starter on most vehicles)


* Some vehicles may need extra parts & labor

This item is remote kit only and does not include any starter,alarm or combo control module unless added in the purchase options.

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