Compustar RF-P2WT13-SF 2way Color LCD | X1 Drone mobile LTE included | 3 Mile range | Waterproof

Compustar RF-P2WT13-SF 2way Color LCD | X1 Drone mobile LTE included | 3 Mile range | Waterproof

Brand: Compustar Pro


Notes: In-store only


Compustar RF-P2WT13-SF with LTE Drone Mobile

with The all-new PRO T13 is the industry’s most advanced remote start and security system! The remote’s sleek design packs a punch and includes:

• Brand New Proximity Unlock Feature!
• Full-Color LCD Screen
• 2-Way LCD Remote with 3-Mile Max Range
• USB Rechargeable Battery
• IPX-7 Waterproof Remote

This kit also includes the powerful Drone X1 LTE module and a free 30-Day trial of DroneMobile Premium!


Proximity Unlock

Compustar’s next generation of PRO 2-way remotes features built-in proximity sensors that automatically unlock the doors when you come within 3-6 feet of your vehicle.




Full-Color Display

The Pro T13’s interface is the first of its kind! This vibrant, skillfully designed LCD makes it Compustar’s most user-friendly remote to date.



IPX-7 Waterproof Remote

The Compustar PRO T13 remote is water-resistant and durably built to withstand everyday impact and weather conditions.


2-Way Vehicle Control

The PRO T13 remote gives you 2-way visual and audible confirmation when your commands are successful. The T13’s color LCD even animates to let you know if your command has failed.



DroneMobile Features





Advanced Car Security

Alarm* alerts send a notification directly to your smartphone when your alarm is triggered, even when you are far away from your vehicle!

Alarm alerts only availble when purchasing the product with Compustar Alarm system



Vehicle & Driver Monitoring

Upgrade to a DroneMobile Premium subscription for GPS Tracking and Location Alerts to keep an eye on when and where your vehicles are in use.

GPS monitoring requeris Drone Mobile Premium plan, check for plan prices




Smartphone Vehicle Control

The Drone X1 Module included with this system allows you to control all the functions of your remote starter directly from your smartphone.


Free 30-Day Premium Trial

DroneMobile Premium subscriptions allow you to control and track your vehicle from anywhere. Driver monitoring even helps you to keep an eye on the habits of other drivers using your vehicle.

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