GNET G-ONQ 2CH 2K Dash Cam
GNET G-ONQ 2CH 2K Dash Cam

GNET G-ONQ 2CH 2K Dash Cam

Brand: GNET

$529.99 * All prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollars)

Notes: In-store only


Outstanding Visibility under the Starlight


The STARVIS is back-illuminated pixel technology used in CMOS image sensors for surveillance camera applications.
It features a sensitvity of 2000 mV or more per1 um2(color product, when imaging with a 706cd/m2 light source,
F5.6 in 1 s accumulation equivalent), and realize high picture quality in the visible-light and near infrared light regions.


3 Functions for Safe Driving



"ADAS update"

ADAS is a safe driving assistance system for the driver's safe driving environment



Front Vehicle Start Alarm

The vehicle in front of you is pulling away more than 2 meters, the dash cam let the driver know with the beep sound also the departure icon on the LCD screen.

*Non-LCD product provides sound warning only



Forward Collision Warning System

If the distance of the vehicle in front of you is reducing rapidly in short time with high speed, the dash cam let driver know with the beep sound and display collision warning icon on the LCD screen.

*Non-LCD product provides sound warning only



Lane Departure Warning System

If you leave the lane while driving, the dash cam let the driver know with beep sound and it shows yellow or red lines for notification on the LCD screen.

*Non-LCD product provides sound warning only

* Warning icons for lane detection, forward departure and collision are only visible if the LCD is on. ADAS settings are available when the GPS is connected.


Available for long parking records



Time-lapse function automatically applied when entering parking mode


Time Lapse mode records one frame per second, minimizing the size of the video for a long time to record parking.


Video codec(HEVC)

*HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding)



Real HDR is installed to remove light blurring when driving at night,
and it shows clear recording quality in various lighting conditions such as backlight and tunnels.


Clear Recording Quality when Driving at Night



H.265 compression rate is up to 2 times higher than H.264.
It means that users can use 256GB SD card as 512GB SD card.


Optimal Viewing Angle without Distortion



Front camera: 140° / Rear camera: 140°
Option - Interior IR camera(driver, passenger): 180°, Exterior IR, IP69K: 140°


Excessive angle of view refracts the image, causing effects such as distortion and loss of distance. The GNET System has an optimal camera angle of 140° view without those problems, the situation of accidents on the side angle is recorded more reliably, and images without distortion of left / right / up / down are provided.


Smartphone Link via Wi-Fi®



User-friendly GUI

User convenience has been further upgraded
using intuitive icons for anyone to operate conveniently

User-focused Firmware Upgrade

After accessing the firmware configuration by APP, the latest firmware can be automatically searched for and downloaded.

All the features you need at once! Easy and convenient GNET APP

You can easily set up device registration, real-time video setup, recorded video list, and customer support through the mail screen.

Customized configuration by APP

Using the Smartphone APP, you can upgrade the firmware and play video as well as configure various settings.


*You can only connect your smartphone with WiFi® dongle connected to the dash cam(WiFi® dongle is sold separately)
*Disable IOT/WiFi feature when CLOUD is enabled


For Vehicle Battery Discharge Protection



It is an intelligent Safe Guard function that automatically shuts down recording when the voltage falls below a specified voltage and cuts off the power to protect the battery of the vehicle.


Settings can be made directly from the dedicated GNET PC VIEWER, and the vehicle voltage can be checked when checking the recorded video of the vehicle. You can easily set up wirelessly via GNET APP at the time of smartphone interlocking



Configurable Voltage (V)

Power Off11.311.511.81212.3


Convenient and Diverse Functions


High Temperature
Test Pass

G-Net has been passed the high-temperature test.Differs from other brand dash cameras which shut down the power because they can not withstand high temperatures.

Memory Card Automatic Recovery And Self-format

Unlike other companies' black boxes, which require users to format periodically, JDR's own file system with excellent reliability is applied for convenient use without regular format.

Built-in Voice Guide
And Microphone

It has a friendly voice guide, high-quality voice recording, and a high-performance microphone, which makes it easier to check the operation and recording conditions while driving.

Security Led

It is equipped with intelligent security LED function to prevent crimes that can parking terrorism and theft. With clear view, it detects movement in parking mode and starts recording automatically.


You can check at a glance the data image received from the GPS while driving.
* External GPS is optional
(sold separately)

Recording Modes

Parking Surveillance / Motion Detection The event recording is automatically recorded for a certain period of time when the impact is detected on the vehicle in various recording modes.





Easily play and check the recorded video with a viewer program for PC


It provides various functions Zoom, partial zoom function, Lane drawing function, set recording frame. Backup features include AVI file generation, tampering prevention, thumbnails, and interval repetitive searches.




※The image of components may be different from the real components.)
※Specifications and Components may be changed without notice for improving quality.
※We are highly recommend to use a Genuine Memory card from Gnetsystem.




Image SensorSONY Starvis (HDR)
Audio input Built-in Microphone
Video CompressionH.265
Audio CompressionADPCM
ResolutionFront : QHD (2560 X 1440) / Rear : QHD (2560 X 1440)
FPS All cameras : Max. 30 FPS
3G/4G/Router (Optional)Connect to withCLOUD™ via 3G/ 4G/ Router telecommunication
Wi-Fi (Optional)Connect to GNET Smart phone application via Wi-fi® dongle
G-SensorEvent recording by External Shock
SpeakerOperation Status alarm / Voice guidance
External GPSSynched with Google map, Keep track of location and Speed
Angle Of ViewFront : 140˚, Rear : 140˚, Option -
Interior : 180˚, Exterior : 140˚
ViewerWindows XP/7/8/10, Support 32Bit / 64Bit,
Synchronizing Google map with PC viewer is supported over Windows7 and explorer 10 as per Google' s policy.
PowerDC 12V - 24V
Acceptable current value of the supplied fuse 3A
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ 70℃
Humidity 10~95%
(WxHxD, mm)
Front : 116x56x32,
Rear (Including the bracket) : 44x38x28


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