Range Rover remote starter | Land Rover remote starter

Range Rover remote starter | Land Rover remote starter

Compatible with: Range Rover


Looking for a new Land Rover remote starter?

If you’re in need of a remote starter for a Land Rover, Car Systems Installation can help. We can provide a Land Rover remote starter with all of the fancy features (including vehicle warming during our frigid winter). Our remote starter systems match any model of Land Rover, and are available as 1-way remote systems or 2-way remote systems.

With a smartphone-controlled system, you can eliminate the need for an additional FOB. You get a custom APP with essential features:  remote start; lock and unlock; optional trunk open; and more. At Car Systems Installation, our in-house specialists can recommend a Land Rover remote starter with the specific options that best suit your requisites.

  • RR full size remote starter
  • RR Sport remote starter
  • LR-4 remote starter
  • RR Evoque remote starter
  • LR-2 remote starter

If you’re model is prior to 2010, or if you don’t see your model shown here, contact Car Systems Installation at 416.901.58129 to confirm your remote starter’s suitability and compatibility.


InControl® Remote and Protect™

With Land Rover’s proprietary InControl® Remote and Protect™, you can remotely check fuel levels, find your vehicle, record your journey, and even check if a window is open. Using the smartphone APP is easy, practical, and convenient.

If you need roadside assistance, Land Rover Assistance transmits your geographic location and vehicle diagnostic information to a Roadside Assistance Provider. In more serious situations, SOS Emergency Call will notify an emergency Call Centre.


InControl® Remote™ APP

The InControl® Remote™ APP is compatible with most Android™ devices, as well as Apple iOS® smartphones. Depending on your model, the APP allows for locking/unlocking doors; remotely pre-heating/pre-cooling; and remote engine starting. You can even find your vehicle quickly by using the special Beep/Flash feature.


InControl® Remote™ for Apple Watch®

InControl® Remote™ has been specifically updated for Apple Watch®, allowing you to keep in touch with your vehicle “at a glance”. You can easily lock/unlock your doors; check fuel levels; refer to dashboard alerts; control your interior climate; and use Beep/Flash to locate your vehicle (it’s all done easily from your wrist).


Range Rover SOS Emergency Calling

In an emergency situation, SOS Emergency Call brings the appropriate services to your precise location. If you’ve been in an accident, and your airbags have deployed, you’ll be automatically connected with professional help. As an alternative, you can also press the SOS call button inside the vehicle to summon assistance.


Optimized Land Rover Assistance

While vehicle assistance is rather unlikely with a Range Rover, our Optimized Land Rover Assistance feature uses positioning data and vehicle diagnostics to guide necessary assistance to your precise location. Specific details of the situation are communicated to roadside assistance personnel to assess the situation.



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