Mercedes remote starter | B 12-14 | CLA 14 | G 12-15 | GL 13 | GLA 14 | ML 12-13
Mercedes remote starter | B 12-14 | CLA 14 | G 12-15 | GL 13 | GLA 14 | ML 12-13

Mercedes remote starter | B 12-14 | CLA 14 | G 12-15 | GL 13 | GLA 14 | ML 12-13

Compatible with: Mercedes Benz

$799.99 * All prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollars)

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Mercedes remote starter  | CLA 14 | G 12-15 | GL 13 | GLA 14 | ML 12-13

With The Mercedes Benz Remote Starter you can start any Smartkey equipped Mercedes Benz.

The Smartkey Starter® has a number of benefits. For one, the system does not visually change anything within the vehicle. It is not even necessary to carry additional transmitters to use the remote start, as the panic button activates the system. The normal functions of the panic button are retained when it is held down in an emergency situation. This is simply the most seamless remote start solution on the market.

Product Description

The SmartKey Starter® is compatible with most Mercedes-Benz models going back to 2003. The system enables remote start capabilities by sending a “start” command to the vehicle’s computer when the panic button is pressed once. This allows the driver to start the vehicle remotely, using the factory key.

Traditional remote start installations are invasive, requiring extensive work around the ignition wires. The SmartKey Starter® is seamless, and has an unprecedented near zero failure rate, making it the most reliable remote start system you can buy, period. Additionally, the nature of the SmartKey Starter® allows for plug and play integration with long range transmitters, and even Smartphone Interfaces like the Compustar Drone.

Extended range options:
1 way long range remote
2way LED or LCD long range remote
Smart phone remote control

Option Programming On new NG Plastic box modules

Remote starter option programming is performed in the vehicle using the steering wheel controls. To
perform option programming, first the vehicle key must be inserted into the ignition but not turned. This
will unlock programming. Next the steering wheel hangup button is held pressed while watching the
vehicle parking lights flash in an increasing pattern (1 flash, then pause, then 2 flashes, then pause,
then 3 flashes… all the way to 6 flashes). When the number of flashes corresponding to the desired
option is reached, the hangup button is released and then one of the follow buttons is pressed (vol+,
vol-, send), each corresponding to a feature found in the table below. After 30 seconds of inactivity the
starter will automatically exit programming mode.

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