Push start button | Smart key start system

Push start button | Smart key start system

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Push start button | Smart key start system

Push start button | Key-less Go | smart key start button

The convince you can find in new car models and high end vehicles is now available for your vehicle too.
Access your vehicle without fumbling and looking for your key, have a seat in the driver side and simply start your vehicle by pressing the push to start button.
Imagine a system that will fundamentally change how you access and start your vehicle. Designed and built based on the popular luxury vehicle’s hands-free keyless access and start function; by carrying a thin-profiled access card you will have complete access and ignition control over your vehicle without taking out keys or pressing buttons on the remote. Built with the latest secure RFID technology and combined with rolling-code encryption, this system will provide the best possible aftermarket vehicle access convenience, security and more.

Upon entering the vehicle the ignition control will be enabled. Step on the brake and push the start button to start the engine and get going.

You’ll never forget to lock the doors behind you again. Simply walk away from your vehicle with the access key – your vehicle will lock and arm immediately.

Carrying anything in your hands? The easy access system will make it easy to open your doors. As you approach the vehicle, within a 2 to 3 meter range your access key will be detected and verified by your vehicle through multiple layers of Radio Frequency Identification.

Once the vehicle validates your access key, the door locks will be released and by simply pulling the door handle, you now have exclusive access to your car. No more fumbling for keys or the remote.

Bypass Transponder Card / Emergency Access and Ignition
No need to worry about if your smart key battery is drained or the remote does not work. To prevent situations such as lost or damaged access keys, the credit card sized Bypass Transponder Card provides an alternate way of accessing and starting your vehicle. Wave the transponder card over the bypass antenna to disarm, unlock and enable the push-start ignition all at the same time. Never worry about losing or forgetting your keys again.


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