Rust protection Defender +
Rust protection Defender +

Rust protection Defender +

Brand: Defender Plus


Defender Plus Replacement Warranty:
3 years from the date of purchase
Rust Perforation Limited Warranty:

10 years for current model year vehicles
9 years for one model year old vehicles
8 years for two model year old vehicles
7 years for three model year old vehicles
6 years for four model year old vehicles
5 years for five model year old vehicles
4 years for six model year old vehicles
3 years for seven model year old vehicles
2 years for eight model year old vehicles
1 year for nine model year old vehicles

How does the rust protection Defenfer-Plus help? A totally safe, repetitive pulse wave signal is distributed onto the vehicle surface which interupts the natural corrosion process and prevents the formation of rust. Testing shows a reduction of corrosion up to 99.7% on sheet metal. This is made possible w/ the patented “EICCT” Technology.More Effective – An AC/RF pulse wave signal creates a surface layer of protection over the vehicle’s body panel surfaces when they are exposed to damage from stone chips, scratches or chipped paint.
A cleaner & Eco-friendly solution! With the environment as a top priority on our list, Defender-Plus continues to be pro-active with our E.S.P. Eco-Friendly solution. Helping protect the planet, one vehicle at a time, the E.S.P. technology has eliminated the need for over 130,000 gallons of oils and solvents that would have been used to protect vehicles. Applications & Warranty – All Defender Plus Electromagnetic Rust Modules are warranted against defects in manufacturing & workmanship for 3 years. Fits all types of vehicles including: Cars, SUV’s, Pick-up trucks, Vans. * Rust Perforation Limited Warranty: Rust perforation coverage is available depending on the age of the vehicle against perforation (hole) on the vehicle’s painted surface areas. The Science: A repetitive pulse wave signal is distributed onto the vehicle surface which interrupts the natural corrosion process & helps prevent the formation of rust:


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