TAG Tracking system | Nano technology tracking system
TAG Tracking system | Nano technology tracking system

TAG Tracking system | Nano technology tracking system

Brand: Tag Tracking


What exactly is the Tag System?

The Tag System is a unique theft-prevention and recovery system that uses a multi-layered approach to automotive theft-prevention.

Our system implements preventative measures such as chemical etching and electronic identification to deter thieves, along with a trained vehicle tracking team should a theft occur. These measures are combined to form the most effective anti-theft service and product on the market today.

Why do thieves avoid Tagged vehicles?

  • Our reputation precedes us. We have a 100% recovery rate to date.
  • Tag’s multi-unit tracking system is virtually impossible to locate, quantify and remove.
  • Tag’s signal cannot be ‘jammed’.
  • Tag’s experienced team of tracking technicians are on call 24/7.
  • Our secure wireless network.
  • Tag’s tested multi-layered system has yet to be bypassed by thieves.

The Tag System uses a unique, layered approach to automotive theft-prevention and recovery. Our system is the only one in the world that combines powerful theft-prevention, and a proven tracking and recovery platform.


The Tag Logo
A critical aspect of the Tag System is prevention. One of our trained installers etches a discrete Tag logo on to the bottom corners of your driver and passenger side windows, above the door handles. It is extremely important that a would-be thief be informed, in a visible fashion, that your car is protected by our security system. The result is an inconspicuous yet effective theft deterrent; reducing the rate of theft by 99.99%.

Electronic Identification

Along with tracking Tags which emit trackable signals to Tag Central, we install several Nano-Tag units throughout the vehicle. These Nano-Tag units, no larger than a grain of rice, are used to electronically and remotely identify a vehicle and the individual components on which the Nano-Tags are attached. These miniaturized transponders have their own unique serial number. Should the vehicle be stolen and sold for parts, the Nano-Tags will identify the vehicle components as stolen; making them less desirable to thieves.

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking Tags
The Tag System also includes multiple Vehicle Transmitter & Locator units (or Tags) that are hidden throughout the vehicle. These self-powered units are small enough to be hidden in hundreds of different locations, and because they are self-powered, they will not interfere with the vehicle’s electrical system. In the event of a theft, these Tags can be tracked by ground-based vehicles as well as light aircrafts. These Tag units regularly report back to our central via our patented and secure wireless network of base stations, making it easy for Tag Central to verify if they are functioning properly.

About Tag

We aim to become the industry leader in the prevention and recuperation of stolen vehicles. Continually striving to push technological boundaries forward, we have achieved unparalleled success with our patented products – notably the Tag System.

Tag was developed as a defence against auto-theft. Combined with our profound knowledge of how vehicle thefts happen, and the help of our various partners – insurance providers and law enforcement agencies – we designed the most secure theft-prevention system in the world. These relationships help us to continually refine and develop our system, allowing us to expand our network further and thwart the efforts of thieves all over Canada and the USA.

The Tag Team

Tag has assembled a team that has been at the forefront of vehicle theft-prevention and recovery for almost two decades, and to date, recovered millions of dollars worth of stolen assets. We are proud to count amongst our core team members widely recognized leaders in the vehicle security industry. Their knowledge integral to the design and development of Tag, and other award-winning vehicle tracking and monitoring technologies.

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