Viper DS4+ Remote Start System
DS4 cat

Viper DS4+ Remote Start System

$159.00 199.00 * All prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollars)

Brand: Viper

Viper DS4+ Remote Start System
DS4 cat

Viper DS4+ Remote Start System with FREE Smart Start

IMPORTANT: Before ordering, please check for notes at the bottom of this page!

DS4 is an entirely new Directed Experience, provides the simplest of solutions, opening the door to the Internet-of-Things for the widest range of vehicles.

Benefits of DS4 Digital Technology

Interface included, no additional purchase required.  

Free smartphone control via Bluetooth technology.  

Optional shock sensor/tilt sensor/temperature sensor provides ultimate protection for the vehicle.

You will receive near-range control of DS4 via Bluetooth®, which should result in a maximum range of about 30 feet.

You can lock, unlock (actively), remote start, trunk release and activate panic from Bluetooth range. Notifications can also be received from Bluetooth range.

There are a few key features that will protect your vehicle. Starter kill will keep your car from starting when the system is in the armed state. Additionally, the 3-in-1 sensor monitors vibration and tilt when armed. Vibrations typically occur when a thief attempts to enter the vehicle. Tilt monitors angle of the vehicle when armed to prevent wheel and tire theft.

* Some vehicles require 2 stage programming with login account to iData Link server, which can only be done by registered technician. Always confirm with our sales team before ordering.
* Limited Lifetime Warranty on control module, 1-year warranty on remotes and antenna.
* The OEM remote starting is not compatible with every vehicle, please ask us for vehicle compatibility.
* T-Harness not included in the system cost.


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