A Brand New World of In-Car Multimedia

A brand new world of in-car multimedia
In years gone by, even the most basic in-car multimedia was relegated to the most luxurious cars, private limousines, and fancy recreational vehicles. Watching feature movies or playing gaming videos was practically unheard of – everything was very expensive and massively bulky. Today, it’s all different, and in-car multimedia is limited only by imagination. There’s virtually no limit to how a multimedia system can be configured inside the car, and no limitation on equipment/gear. 


Audio Multimedia Components

Typically, the audio components of in-car multimedia will incorporate the existing sound system. Headphones are basically a must, and can used with either a conventional headphone jack or in a wireless capacity. Today, there’s really no such thing as a regular car stereo – it’s all multimedia.

Multimedia Source Components

Video Multimedia Components

If it’s going to be multimedia, then it’s going to need at least one video component. Here, media junkies can choose from flip-down screens, to headrest screens, to portable screens. And for the real connoisseur, large, high quality LCD screens will make for the ultimate in-car experience.

Multimedia Source Components

Without any limitations, in-car multimedia systems can comprise countless source components. Whatever the personal requisites, media enthusiasts can enjoy everything from a CD player, to a DVD player, to a video game console, to wireless television. Then, it’s only up to the content. 

External Source Components

In most cases, a smartphone, tablet, or even a game console can be used as a source of video. Multimedia systems are generally equipped with auxiliary, USB, SD card or HDMI inputs which can be used with these types of external components, including some that have the screen mirroring option.

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Putting everything together

Putting everything together

Putting together a great multimedia system can get complicated, especially if there’s going to be a range of components that have to work together. So it’s wise to be informed, and even wiser to work with professional installers – those who know product and understand installation. Better still, a good service provider can offer valuable advice, particularly when the goal is to combine audio and video components. Planning is also highly recommended – deciding on all of the media sources – determining future additions – and making sure to consider budget and value issues.


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