Dash Cams (Dashboard Cameras)

Reliable Car Accident Evidence

Accident evidence is the main reason that people purchase dash cams (dashboard cameras). And because the camera starts recording when the vehicle engine starts, the video provides real-time, concrete proof as an accident happens. With video evidence, there is no doubt as to responsibility
or fault – it’s the most reliable and efficient car accident
evidence than anything comparable.


Preventing Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is far more common than most realize – particularly today, when there’s so much traffic and congestion. With drivers intentionally causing accidents in order to extort money or defraud the insurance company, dash cams (dashboard cameras) are an ideal deterrent. Worse still, there are fraudsters who actually fake car accident injuries to collect insurance money.



Great Features and Functions

High quality dash cams (dashboard cameras) are equipped with a sophisticated GPS component that can track location, speed, and other data. Some cameras can also log a long distance journey quickly and efficiently. Typically, the better cameras come with large, high-tech LCD screens that incorporate touch technology. The navigation menu is user-friendly and straightforward.


Excellent Vehicle Security

A properly installed dash cam can effectively record acts of vandalism and/or break-ins when a vehicle is unattended. There’s probably no better vehicle security to ensure peace of mind for a car owner, while guaranteeing that the vehicle is safe and sound. In some cases, this could impact car insurance in a positive way, as this feature will reduce the risk of random vandalism.


Why choose Car Systems Installation?

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