Parking sensors and Parking Cameras

Parking a Vehicle Safely

Parking sensors and rearview cameras allow for easier parking, without worrying about other parked cars, low retaining walls, or undetected pedestrians. A sensor system is especially vital in identifying objects that are out of one’s field of vision. Sensors help to avoid potential collision points, while assisting a driver to park with greater accuracy and ease. Equipped with a speaker system, the sensors emit various tone warnings to ensure parking safety.


Parking in Difficult Spots

In difficult situations, parking sensors and rearview cameras can be very advantageous – even for so-called expert drivers. It could be a poorly lit parking lot; a very confined, tight space; or simply a difficult parallel parking spot. Whatever the case, sensors make parking much easier, without banging into other cars, and without denting the bumper on some hidden pillar or fence. Truth is, dents, scrapes and scratches can make for a stressful parking experience.


Safety for Pedestrians

Once installed, parking sensors and rearview cameras can very often prevent serious accidents. Beyond physical damage to a vehicle, pedestrians and pets are safer when sensors and cameras are installed. And with high-pitched warning alerts, even pulling out of the driveway is safer for all concerned. While many late model cars are factory equipped with sensors and/or cameras, all makes and models of vehicles (cars, trucks, or vans) can be properly equipped.


Sensors and/or Cameras

There’s a big difference between a parking sensor and a rearview camera. Sensors don’t show an image, while cameras don’t give information about objects around a vehicle. Clearly, each product offers specific features,
although in combination, safety and security are assured for expert drivers
as well as novice drivers. The benefit of having both systems in operation allows a driver to park, drive, and reverse with much greater precision and less stress.


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