Backup Camera Installation in Toronto

August 14th, 2019

If you’re shopping around for backup camera installation in Toronto, the experts at Car Systems Installation can provide a system that best matches your needs. Whether you’re in a car, truck, or bus, we’ll install a system that provides an extensive range of features.

Today, a good quality backup camera can provide an expanded view to see pedestrians, vehicles, and stationary objects. Even for a more experienced driver, a backup camera is a must-have instrument. Beyond the safety aspects, parallel parking becomes a breeze!

For backup camera installation in Toronto, count on the experts at CSI

At Car Systems Installation, our in-house installers do it right from the start. We provide backup camera installation in Toronto that is fully customized. We position your backup camera so there are no sight obstructions. We install cables and wiring according to the manufacturer’s specifications - and we don’t take any unnecessary installation shortcuts.

C1008S Mini Bee Type HD Camera

This is a high-performance HD camera (full-colour) that provides a super clear view of what's behind your car or truck. The camera captures a 170-degree view, allowing for a complete rear view. This model is ideal when backing up a larger than usual SUV or van.

C1007S Mini Lip Mount Camera 

The C1007S rear view camera provides a clear, full-colour view, with a 170-degree span. The camera has a high performance digital image sensor that is waterproof. Here again, there’s a complete rear-view that’s especially handy when backing up a larger vehicle.

YP-UCAM Universal Flash Mount Camera

Specially equipped with a wide-angle viewing lens, this waterproof camera is small and inconspicuous. The camera provides “guard lines” that make it easy to ascertain distance behind a vehicle. CSI can provide professional backup camera installation in Toronto.

RAM 150 Tailgate Handle Camera

This camera system provides your Dodge pick-up truck with a built-in tailgate handle camera. It’s equipped with a high performance digital image sensor that is high-res and waterproof. With 170-degree viewing, the camera is activated when vehicle is in reverse.

Ford F150 Tailgate Handle Camera

The Ford F150 backup camera is designed to fully replace your existing tailgate handle, allowing for an original OEM finish. Equipped with a 170-degree image sensor, this camera displays colour images both day and night (including excellent night vision).

GM Pickup Tailgate Handle Camera

This camera is ideal for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra – it provides high definition colour, excellent clarity, and superior night vision. The finished installation looks like a factory-installed camera (backup camera installation in Toronto is available from CSI).

Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana Camera

This is a brake-light camera designed for the Chevrolet Express/GMC Savana cargo van. The camera has a 170-degree viewing angle (diagonal) and a 25-degree vertical angle adjustment. The camera automatically displays rear-view video when backing up.

Dodge Van ProMaster Backup Camera

This backup camera is specifically designed to fit Dodge commercial vans. It will replace the OEM light at the upper rear of the vehicle, providing a superior rear view image that will integrate with your factory-installed system. “Guard” lines are on/off switchable.

BusCAM-20 Night Vision Camera

The BusCAM-20 heavy-duty camera is equipped with infrared LED designed for superior night vision. The camera is ruggedly built, and thus ideal in commercial applications like buses, heavy-duty trucks, and other commercial vehicles. The view angle is 135 degrees.

BusCAM-10 Stainless Night Vision

The BusCAM-10 is a heavy-duty stainless camera, with night vision, ideal for commercial type vehicles (truck, bus, tractor, trailer, crane, etc.) This camera has a high performance digital image sensor. The view angle is 170 degrees. Guard lines are on/off switchable.

TR CAM High Mount Camera (OE fit)

This is a high mount backup camera for a Ford Transit (2013) and designed to replace the third brake light for a factory-like installation. The camera is equipped with a 170 degree viewing angle and always provides a crisp image, and in all lighting conditions.

NV200 CAM (Nissan and Chevy)

For Nissan and Chevy vans, the NV200 is an add-on brake light camera that uses OE factory installed LED brake light. It’s equipped with a 170-degree view angle and on/off switchable guard line. CSI can provide expert backup camera installation in Toronto.

V1002N Universal Cargo Van

The V1002N backup camera is an add-on third brake light camera for a cargo van, bus, or recreational vehicle. It is equipped with a 170-degree viewing angle that allows for a wide view (and 25-degree vertical angle adjustment. Use the original factory brake light.

Tundra CAM (Tailgate Handle)

The Tundra CAM is a “tailgate handle” camera that fits Toyota Tundra models that didn’t come with an OEM backup camera. Providing a clear image, this camera is designed to work in lower light settings. It has excellent range with the 170-degree viewing angle.

SprinterCAM – Mercedes Sprinter

The SprinterCAM is an OE fit backup camera for the Mercedes Sprinter van. It’s designed to be a replacement brake light rear view camera. The camera offers a 170-degree view, with a vertical view angle adjustment of 25 degrees. Guard lines are on/off switchable.

What car models do our cameras work on? 

At Car Systems Installation, we service all makes and models (domestic and foreign). We install backup cameras and replacement backup cameras for a range of model years. 

  • Chrysler Dodge vans/pickups
  • Ford F150 
  • Chevy Silverado/Express 
  • GMC Sierra/Savana 
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Mercedes

In Toronto, and throughout the GTA, count on Car Systems Installation

At Car Systems Installation, we are all about customer satisfaction – regardless of the product we install. We stock and install the latest automotive industry products and offer our customers the most up-to-date electronics on the market. Our professional installers are knowledgeable – our prices are competitive – and it’s all guaranteed.

As a leader in automotive electronics, we make every effort to understand the needs of our customers, and we take the time to recommend customized solutions that make sense for the vehicle. Day to day, our in-house team is committed to the highest level of service and the highest quality installations – from cameras, to audio, to accessories.

You can book your appointment with CSI at 416.901.5812 or by visiting our website at In addition to backup camera installation in Toronto, we also install a huge range of automotive accessories from the best brands in the world.


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