Bentley TAG Tracking System Installation

April 19th, 2022

We recently completed a project on a Bentley SUV for a customer who wanted to add a TAG tracking system to their vehicle. This device does not rely on the vehicle battery and has a lifespan of 7 years! 

The TAG tracking system has about 4-5 small devices installed in hidden areas of the vehicle. This tracking device system does not rely on a GPS signal, meaning the vehicle can be underground and still able to be located. After installing the TAG system in this client's Bentley vehicle, it will be very easy to find if it is ever stolen. As well, a TAG logo is applied to the vehicle's window, which helps to deter possible thieves from trying to steal the vehicle!

With a TAG system, in the case that the vehicle is ever stolen, you contact TAG company and they will send a team to locate the vehicle. Take a look at the photos from this completed project below!

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