The Best Car Accessory Gifts For Him & Her

December 10th, 2018

We all spend a lot of time in our cars; why not make it more fun with some of the best car accessory gifts? Car accessories make great gifts, no matter which holiday it is! They’re great for both men and women, on Christmas, birthdays, graduations and more. If you have someone in your life that is a big car person, but have no clue what to get him/her, take a look at this list! Below are the best car accessory gifts to consider for your car lover. You will get many ideas from this list and ensure that he or she is super happy and ready to drive.

Top 10 Best Car Accessory Gifts

1. Blackvue DR900S 2CH 4K

This dash cam model surpasses everyone’s expectations with plenty of technical features, and has both WIFI and smartphone abilities. The front camera can record up to twice the resolution of a traditional dash cam with supreme visual quality. Everything can be viewed right after it happens and it comes with a backup security component. It is easy to manage your video files with the unique BlackVue memory cards that were created to weather severe temperature drops or changes. With this model you can also protect up to 50 files at once.

2. Viper 5906V

This model is an incredible 3 in 1 product. It is a 2-way security and remote starter system. Here are some of its great features: a door, trunk and hood trigger, factory alarm control, factory power lock control, shock sensor, 6-tone siren and a LED indicator. This is definitely one of the best car accessory gifts you can give, as it was the winner of the coveted CES 2009 Innovations Award.

3. Blackvue DR750S

This dash cam is a dual-channel model that won’t disappoint.  It sets a new standard in connected dash cams. It offers both ‘over the cloud’ capability and will give you a highly quality HD image, every time! You can record videos of the front and back of your car at a 139° view angle. You can feel confident that this dash cam will capture specific details whether your car is in motion or parked. It comes with the Blackvue App, which allows you to change your settings easily and look through your files in an instinctual way. It has a built in WIFI and GPS component, monitoring your speed and location. This is why it made our top 10 best car accessory gifts.

4. Blackvue DR590

This is a simple dual full HD dash cam. It comes in small form and features  Sony’s STARVIS™ image sensor (in the front camera) for clearer video in low light. It also features night vision, which can be activated in your settings, improving details in dark surroundings. It will record both back and front, or the interior of your car, in full HD 1080p. This dash cam has built in motion, impact detection and parking mode monitoring. 

5. Thinkware F800 Pro

You should add this dash cam to your best car accessory gifts list. It uses ‘Super Night Vision’ 2.0, an Image Signal Processing (ISP) technology to record crisp, clear video, whether your car is moving or parked, even in the darkest of alleys.  It has multiple features; time lapse, safety camera alert, wide dynamic range and nighttime picture quality correction. It also has an ‘Automatic Exposure’ feature where it will control the level of light to maintain clear and vivid recordings.

6. Compustar Pro RF-P2WG15

Start your car up within a 2-mile range, with the Compustar Pro remote starter. It has a LED screen that will let you know when the car is started. This remote will show you the temperature inside your car, how long it has been running and the current battery voltage. How awesome is that? This remote starter is newly designed, slim and sleek. You will love how it performs!

7. Viper 4706v LCD 2 Way

Another amazing remote starter that made its way onto our best car accessory gifts list, is the Viper 4706v LCD 2 way. It combines the best features of the ‘Responder’ with ‘SST One Mile Range’, the new ‘Priority’ icons and text seen on a 20% larger liquid-crystal display. It also comes with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery.  Always stay in touch with your car, with the ‘Responder LC3’ technology found on this remote starter.

8. Thinkware Dash Cam F50

If you have a smaller budget, try out this Dash cam for accessible pricing. It has HD video quality and format free technology with continuous recording modes.  It also has a GPS tracker component, a high temperature protection system, and a fail-safe recording feature.

9. My-Start Plus  

With this remote starter product there are no more annual fees. You can simply add smart phone control to your remote starter or starter/alarm combo. The My-Start Plus uses ‘Quick-back’ technology to quickly verify successful operation. You can also use it to lock and unlock your doors and it can be set up to open the trunk or activate other accessories.

10. Viper DS4 Digital Remote Start

Finally the last pick for our best car accessory gifts top 10 list, is the Viper DS4 Digital Remote Car Starter.  The DS4 is a new ‘Directed Experience’ system.  The interface is included along with smartphone control via Bluetooth technology.  You can lock your car, unlock it, start it and open your trunk, using this remote.

 We hope we gave you a great list of car accessories to give to your car lover. Overall, these are great gifts to give, especially on a special holiday or birthday.  You can’t go wrong with getting any/or all of these terrific products, for him or her!   At CSI, we are a professional car system installation company with years of experience in dash cams and other car accessories. All of the products mentioned in our top 10 best car accessory gifts list, are top of the line, useful and important. Call us at 416.901.5812 for more information or visit our website at

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