Why is a Dash Cam Important for Drivers?

November 08th, 2018

As traffic flow increases on our roads and highways, it’s clear that dash cams are important for drivers of all types. For road safety or general security, dash cameras have become a valuable component for new drivers and seasoned drivers alike. At Car Systems Installation, we’ll set you up with the right dash cam, whether you’re just driving to work or driving long distances.

Dash cams are important for drivers of all types

Dash cams, like other innovations, simply make for a better driving experience. Whether you’re doing that daily drive to and from work, or doing long distance driving, there are a host of good reasons to install a dash camera. And today, there are an abundance of features to choose from.

Dash cameras are essentially in-car systems that record video and audio as you’re driving. Some dash cams may include a parking mode option, which begins recording when there’s an impact. This could be very advantageous if someone hits your vehicle (while parked) and takes off.

At Car Systems Installation, we have a vast selection of cameras – from front view cameras to front and rear view cameras, to cabin view cameras (all depending on your needs and your driving habits). Indeed, even making use of your dash cam once can be a worthwhile investment.

Some good reasons why dash cams are important for drivers

There are a good number of reasons why dash cams are important for drivers. These reasons are relevant for both domestic drivers and commercial drivers. Even in a family that has more than one driver, a dash camera can make for a much safer and more secure driving experience.

First hand accident evidence

First hand video evidence is a big reason to invest in a dash cam. The point is, a good quality camera will provide real-time proof in the event of an accident. Today, dash cam video can be presented as evidence, and accident fault can be established – especially if you’re not the guilty driver. In any accident scenario, having a dash cam is ideal in documenting the before/after.

Ideal for undisciplined drivers

These days, our roads and highways are full of undisciplined drivers. As such, dash cameras are perfect for reporting any bad encounters with a bad driver. The truth is, reckless drivers are a danger to everyone on the road. They are more than just annoying – they pose a danger to all good drivers. With a dash cam, you’re actually an “eye witness” to the blunders of bad drivers.

Dash cams for vehicle owners

Whether you’re a worried parent or a fleet owner, dash cameras can keep an eye on anyone driving the vehicle. For parents, it may be important to keep a watchful eye on younger family members. For commercial vehicles, dash cams are ideal for monitoring such things as mileage and fuel consumption. Regardless of the application, video/audio history can be valuable.

Preventing fraud situations

Vehicle insurance fraud is a big problem today. It affects everyone from insurance companies to each of us drivers. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a driver to cause a car accident, simply to extort money from an innocent victim. Worse still, some drivers will also fake accident injuries for the purpose of collecting insurance money. Clearly, a dash cam can provide valuable evidence.

Record a vacation road trip

If you and your family are fond of vacation road trips, then a dash camera is the perfect tool for recording that unforgettable journey. At Car Systems Installation, we can install the latest in dash cam technology, with super high quality video, and accompanying audio recording. With a little creativity, you can easily turn all of the raw footage from the road trip into a quality presentation.

Useful features/functions

Dash cameras have advanced dramatically over the years. They now come with a host of useful features, functions, and notifications, all of which make operation simple and easy. Many cameras come with an LCD screen, and with touch technology that makes everything user-friendly. In addition, with a comprehensive navigation menu, you’ll have full control over everything that’s recorded.

Modern GPS technology

The better dash cameras on the market come with GPS features built in. The benefits here are wide ranging – from plotting out driving routes, to tracking speed, to location identification. For many drivers, logging their journey information is an added benefit. For commercial vehicles like taxi drivers and delivery teams, the GPS feature is something that they just can’t live without.

Remote camera operation

If you choose a high quality dash cam, it can be operated remotely from your home, with data being uploaded to your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It’s like having “24/7” security for your vehicle. In fact, this feature is also of benefit if you’re parking overnight in an unfamiliar location or if you’re particularly concerned about the safety and security in your own neighbourhood.

Your dash camera will affect the way you drive – positively!

Hard to believe, but your in-car dash camera can actually make you more “road-savvy”. Even a seasoned driver can learn new things by observing and noticing personal driving habits. From lane changing, to keeping safe distances, to highway merging, your dash camera can actually help you to improve the standard of your driving. And today, everyone could use some improvement.

CSI will show you why dash cams are important for drivers

At Car Systems Installation, our experts can show you why dash cams are important for drivers. With a huge product selection, and superior installation experience, we’ll equip you with the in-car technology that best suits your needs. We stock some of the best brands on the market, and can recommend features and functions even for the most discriminating of vehicle owners.

Today, there’s no doubt that dash cams are important, and at Car Systems Installation you can be sure of a quality product, installed right the first time. As a full-service shop, we do it all under one roof, with a team of installers who are highly experienced. Find out more by calling 416.901.5812 or visiting

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