Best Dash Cameras for 2018

April 02th, 2018

If you’re shopping around for a dash camera, we can help you decide on a model that will best suit your needs. Today, with so many features and accessories available, it’s important to select a dash camera that will provide what you really need at a price point that meets your budget.

How does a dash camera work and capture video?

Dash cameras are designed to keep a video record of anything that happens around your vehicle. Needless to say, this would include video footage of theft or vandalism; irresponsible reckless driving; and collision related events. Today, more and more drivers are installing these cameras.

Unlike GoPro cameras, dash cams are designed to record continuously. Most high quality dash cams will start recording when the ignition is started, and will record until the vehicle is turned off. In addition, with the built-in microphone, you can also record audio (unless you disable this feature).

The amount of video footage that a dash cam retains will depend entirely on the quality of the dash cam (and the memory card). This is why it’s worthwhile to invest in a better quality device – the recording capacity will be much enhanced, and the actual video footage will be higher quality.

As it is, the big difference between dash cam models is the video clarity. Simply put, the best dash cams have a superior “field-of-view” and a high degree of detail. The idea, of course, is to capture accurate and reliable video while driving (or being parked) – so why not go for the best quality?

How important is having high quality video footage?

Full high definition resolution in a dash camera is essential. In fact, the higher the quality of video footage, the better. It can make the difference between clearly reading a license plate and NOT.

Also important is the camera’s capacity to record video during nighttime light (or just low-light conditions). This is a big deal in Canada, where fall and winter bring early darkness every day.

As for viewing video footage, a WI-FI equipped dash cam can come in very handy. First, you can easily transfer video footage to your mobile device. And second, you can do it from anywhere.

With dash cameras, it’s better to do it right – with a quality device, professionally installed. Using a GoPro instead of a dash cam, for example, means forfeiting in any of the extra features.

Today, probably the best video capture is provided by Sony’s STARVIS™ technology. This is the ultimate in high-definition, with image sensors that provide video clarity even in very low light.

We've compared all the dash cam features, now it's time to find the best dam camera for you:


With BlackVue DR750S, both cameras (front and rear) feature high-definition Sony STARVIS™ image sensors, ensuring the best image quality under all light conditions. Also included is built-in WI-FI and cloud connectivity, which greatly expands on the device’s capability. There’s no need for a screen - use the BlackVue APP to connect any of your mobile devices to the dash cam. The built in GPS will add location and speed data to video records.

Offering refined design and improved performance, this dash camera sets a brand new standard for dash cams, with video image quality that is unparalleled. This dash cam will capture many of the critical details that others cannot (driving or parked). With the innovative “over-the-cloud” add-on service, you’ll be able to check on your vehicle anytime, and from anywhere you are.


This dash camera system features image sensors that allow for front and rear HD recording, day and night. With a 140-degree wide-angle lens, blind spots are reduced, assuring complete video recording of all events. The F800 PRO uses advanced image technology to record clear and visible video in any situation (driving or parked). The system is equipped with a host of road safety warnings - lane departure warning; front collision warning; and front vehicle departure warning.


With this “mirror” system, you can make use of a second dash camera input in order to add another camera for the rear of the vehicle. The optional second camera and/or reverse camera are sold separately. The built-in front camera provides 140-degree viewing (wide viewing range) with a 1080P resolution high definition picture. When you decide to install the additional backup camera, both backing up and parallel parking become easy. This is an ideal system for novices.


This dash camera is installed near the rear view mirror (or the dashboard). The camera records and saves high definition video (front and rear) while driving or while in parking mode. Wide-angle lenses allow for extensive field of vision. The system is equipped with both lane departure warning and front vehicle start alarm. Built-in function prevents video omission when system shuts off improperly. The high definition video is provided with the built-in Sony Image Sensor.


The Momento M4 dash camera features 720p resolution (high definition) in both cameras. This system includes a front camera with LCD; rear camera; GPS antenna, and a 16GB memory card.

The Momento M5 features 1080p resolution (high definition) in both cameras. This system includes a front camera with LCD; rear camera; GPS antenna; and a 32GB memory card. Both systems allow you to record front and rear activity with up to 270-degrees of surveillance.

Choosing your new dash camera at Car Systems Installation

At Car Systems Installation, we have the industry know-how and product knowledge to ensure the best fit for your new dash camera. With our professional in-house installers, you can wait for your vehicle in our spacious waiting room, with FREE Wi-Fi, FREE coffee, and our huge LCD TV.  Call directly at 416.901.5812 or view our inventory at .

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