Why The TAG Tracking System Is The Best For Car Theft Prevention

September 18th, 2019

Hard to believe, but a vehicle is stolen every 15 minutes in Canada – which is exactly why the TAG tracking system for car theft prevention is so essential. Statistics show that Ontario is considered a “hot-bed” for auto theft, and with a recovery rate that is simply unimpressive.

Today, even with advanced technology in theft prevention and vehicle tracking, auto theft still vexes vehicle owners. The fact is, a majority of anti-theft devices can be easily removed or easily by-passed by a professional thief – they offer a negligible deterrence to thieves.

Conventional security systems are typically hard-wired right into your vehicle. These systems are difficult to hide, thus making them more obvious, and easier to deactivate and remove. The TAG tracking system for car theft prevention is the logical choice for theft protection.

The TAG Tracking System For Car Theft Prevention

The TAG system is unique – a multi-layered technology for theft-prevention and vehicle recovery. The system relies on preventive measures like electronic identification and chemical etching. As well, a skilled team is on hand to ensure vehicle tracking if a theft occurs.

The TAG tracking system for car theft prevention is the most effective anti-theft technology on the market. It’s the only product that combines theft-prevention, vehicle tracking, and recovery. Additionally, we partner with insurance providers and law enforcement.

Auto Thieves Actually Avoid TAG-tracked Vehicles

TAG-tracked vehicles have a proven 100% vehicle recovery rate. When the system is installed, it’s virtually impossible to locate and/or remove. Furthermore, TAG’s proprietary signal can’t be “jammed”. The multi-layered anti-theft system cannot be compromised.

TAG relies on theft prevention to stop auto-theft. As such, a TAG logo is physically etched on your front window, forewarning thieves that your vehicle is protected. In the unlikely event of a theft, your electronic ID makes the theft experience less desirable to thieves.

TAG Tracking System and TAG Tracking Central

Our TAG tracking system incorporates a transmitter device and locator tags that are hidden in your vehicle. If a theft does occur, TAG “tracking” is initiated using ground vehicles (as well as light aircraft). Today, our tracking system has a 100% recovery rate.

When your vehicle is “tagged” by an authorized installation dealer, you will receive an ID card to connect you directly with TAG Tracking Central. Your vehicle is registered on a secure database, and your comprehensive auto-theft protection is virtually assured.

The TAG Tracking System Discourages Thieves 

Because TAG technology is multi-layered, it's virtually impossible for a thief to locate or remove. Transmission signals cannot be jammed – the wireless network is secure – and tracking experts are on hand 24/7. Bottom line – your vehicle security is guaranteed.

Once installed, the TAG Tracking System is reliably covered by a comprehensive warranty. As well, when your vehicle is protected with TAG, you can take advantage of reductions in insurance coverage. Monitoring is ensured 24/7 without monthly or annual fees.

TAG Is At The Very Forefront Of Theft-prevention 

The TAG tracking system for car theft prevention is at the leading edge of theft prevention. The company has assembled an in-house team that has remained at the forefront for two decades. During that time we have retrieved millions of dollars of stolen assets.

Our team members are recognized as leaders in vehicle security. With their combined industry knowledge, TAG has become a leader amongst award-winning tracking/monitoring technologies. The result is an effective system that reduces theft rate by 99.99%.

Tracking TAGS Are Key To Effective Deterrence

The TAG tracking system relies on “locator units” (referred to as tags) that are expertly installed throughout your vehicle. These are small, self-powered units that are well hidden in hundreds of locations, without interfering with your vehicle’s electrical system.

In the event that you experience a vehicle theft, ground-based tracking vehicles and light aircraft will track your vehicle through the “locator units”. The installed technology communicates with a network of base stations ensuring 100% operation and function.

Dealer Installation Of The TAG Tracking System For Car Theft Prevention

The TAG tracking system for car theft prevention must be professionally installed. Car Systems Installation is an authorized dealer that provides expert installation for all types of vehicles. Our step-by-step approach ensures that the proprietary TAG technology is appropriately installed.

  • our installers will etch discreet window logos 
  • no wiring is required – everything is wireless
  • vehicle tracking/surveillance available 24/7
  • patented “nano tags” are installed strategically

To book a custom installation for the TAG Tracking System, contact one of our professionals at 416-901-5812. You can also visit our company website at www.carsystemsinstallation.ca .

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