Thinkware F800 Pro vs Blackvue DR750S

August 17th, 2018

In recent months, savvy consumers have been avidly debating about the latest two-channel dash cams on the market. It’s a debate between Thinkware F800 Pro vs Blackvue DR750S, both of them top-of-the-line products, and from two of the better-known dash camera manufacturers.

Clearly, both cameras offer superior performance as the leaders in the marketplace. However, the debate rages on - Thinkware F800 Pro vs Blackvue DR750S – and at some point you’ll need to make a purchasing decision between the two. Here are some considerations prior to purchasing.

Comparing Video Quality

When shoppers assess Thinkware F800 Pro vs Blackvue DR750S, video quality is a top priority. Here, both of the products have Sony sensors (STARVIS) for the front and rear cameras. The one difference is with the DR750S - the front camera can record at 60 FPS, which can actually pick up a license plate. Both Thinkware and Blackvue offer comparable legibility in daylight, although the Thinkware F800 has sharper images at night. Existing users report that with the BlackVue, better nighttime results were realized when night vision was turned off.

Important Design Features

The Thinkware product has a brand new design, while Blackvue has similar dimensions to its previous model. Thinkware has a narrow body and shorter height. BlackVue has a mount that allows for 360° of rotation, while Thinkware only allows 90° of rotation. Using black adhesive and an “offset” bracket the Thinkware camera is very discreet. At the same time, vehicles that have upright windows (no dot matrix) make the BlackVue camera more discreet. Here, decision-making between the two is dependent on your specific vehicle.

Camera’s User Interface

A big difference between the two cameras is the user interface. BlackVue has two controls on the camera body - a Wi-Fi button located on the right side and a touch sensor on the left side. The Wi-Fi button turns it on and off, and will also format the card. The touch sensor controls the audio recording or activates event recording. Designed differently, the Thinkware F800 Pro has FIVE buttons in total. Existing users have found this approach to be more intuitive because the buttons are individually labeled and are therefore much more obvious.

The Wi-Fi Connectivity

Both of the cameras use Wi-Fi apps in order to do the initial camera setup. Thinkware also allows your camera to connect to your smartphone through a “hotspot”. Both of these cameras have intuitive Wi-Fi apps that are pretty easy to set up (depending on your knowledge and patience). With BlackVue, you can see all videos in chronological order. However, Thinkware prompts you to check individual folders to find a video clip. In deciding between the two - Thinkware F800 Pro vs Blackvue DR750S – personal preference will be a factor here.

Cloud Connectivity

When it comes to “cloud” connectivity, BlackVue is ahead of the game with advanced features and more experience with their “cloud”. According to industry talk, Thinkware has delayed releasing their “cloud” feature. As a dash cam customer, if the “cloud” feature happens to be important to you, then at this time the DR750S would be the better option over the F800 Pro. Going forward, however, and with so many advances in technology, “cloud” connectivity may turn out to be a decision-making point when you are actually ready to purchase.

At Car Systems Installation, we’ll help you decide!

At one point, the discussion about Thinkware F800 Pro vs Blackvue DR750S has to become a purchasing decision. At Car Systems Installation, we’ll help you decide which technology suits you the best. To find out more, call one of our dash cam experts at 416.901.5812 or visit our company’s website at

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